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Lamar High School


Lamar High School – Credit Appeal  ***Updated 5/23/2018


Students with five or more unexcused absences in any course during the Spring 2018 semester will have credit for the class withheld and an “NG” will appear on the student’s report card. Therefore, although the grade in the course was passing, it will not count towards graduation. The following checklist will outline the steps that must be taken to file a credit appeal. Keep in mind that all requirements set forth in this document must be met and the application must be approved by the Attendance Committee. Single period absences will not be approved without a doctor's note.




1.  Pick up your Credit Appeal Form in any of the offices starting Monday, September 17 – Friday, September 21.


2.  Each Credit Appeal Form MUST be completed in its entirety with all the information requested and attached.

            A.  No more than 3 (TOTAL) notes from parents will be accepted. Other notes must be from doctors or legal entities.

            B.  Single period absences cannot be appealed unless office sign-out procedures were followed.

            C.  No credit may be restored for a class where the student received a failing grade.


3.  Sign up in the Attendance office (N111) for a copy of your Attendance Record. It will take one day to process and you may pick it up the next day. It is your responsibility to pick it up before the deadline (9/21/18)*.


4.  Return the completed Credit Appeal Form with all required documentation attached no later than 4:15pm on Friday, September 21, 2018. The completed credit appeal applications need to be returned to the Attendance office (N111) after school or during lunch.


5.  Results will be available starting Monday, October 1 – Friday, October 5. Results can be picked up in the Attendance office (N111). Credit appeal detention will start on Monday, October 1 from 4:00-6:00pm. All credit appeal detention hours and coursework must be completed no later than Friday, October 26, 2018.


6.  If a student needs to reappeal their credit appeal application, he/she will need to resubmit the application no later than 4:15pm on Friday, October 5, 2018. Return the completed reappeal application to the Attendance office in N111. Results for the reappeal will take approximately 2-3 business days. The student will need to pick up the reappeal and start their credit appeal detentions no later than Friday, February 12, 2018.


7. After completing ALL the assigned hours in Detention within the deadline assigned, the student MUST return the signed Credit Appeal Validation Sheet to the Attendance office (N111), no later than one (1) day after the completion of the hours.


8. Credit restoration options for credit appeals denied are as follows:

            A. UT/Texas Tech Credit By Exam.  

            B.  Grad lab

            C. Summer School

        Please see your counselor for more information regarding any of these options.


It is YOUR responsibility to check the status of your credit appeal in the Attendance office (N111). Phone calls and/or emails will not be accepted. Attendance is mandatory until the credit appeal hours and coursework have been successfully made up. Credit appeal hours must be completed by Friday, October 26, 2018.



Credit Appeals Overview:


·      Submit Applications: Monday, September 17 – Friday, September 21 (After school or during lunch)


·      Credit Appeal Results: Results will be available starting Monday,  October 1 - Friday, October 5. Results can be picked up in the Attendance office (N111).


·      Reappeal Submissions: No later than 4:15pm on Friday, October 5 to the Attendance office (N111). Results for the reappeal should be picked up no later than Friday, October 12.


·      Credit Appeal Detention Begins: Monday, October 1 from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. Please refer to the credit appeal validation sheet that you receive with your results for detention dates, times, and locations. **Note: You must complete the credit appeal detention hours in order to have your credits successfully restored.

Last Modified on June 1, 2018
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