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Lamar High School


School Offices

Refer to the School Maps for exact room locations.

Absence notes and early dismissals

North Building Offices

2nd Floor Offices

Welcome Center

N100 – 1st floor ( across from Attendance Office)

Office Personnel

Registrar: Ben Guinther

Advisor: Dr. Grace Mosby

Advisor: Sharron Raibon


Primary Roles

·         Advisors for Office 1 (Mosby and Raibon)

·         New student enrollment

·         Visitors registration and badges

·         Transcript requests

·         Update demographic information

·         *Absence notes and Early dismissal for Office 1 (N110 North entrance)

Main Office

2nd floor North Building

Office Personnel:

School Principal: Dr. James McSwain

Dean of Staff:  Holly Gibson

School Business Manager: Billy Wesley

Front Desk: Antrice Axel


Primary Roles:

  • Business

                 - Books

                 - Fee Payments

                 - Student Vouchers

                 - Student Parking Permits

  • General Questions


Attendance Office

1st floor – N111 (across from Registrar)

Office Personnel

Assistant Principal: Kimberly Myres

Clerk: Patricia Ramirez

Clerk: Cynthia Penna

Clerk: Melissa McCourt

Clerk: Samuel Osborne

Primary Roles

·         Withdrawals

·         VOE

·         Student Attendance reports

·         Absence notes and early dismissals

PTO Office/ Alumni Office

N209 A

Office Personnel

Pto President:

PTO Vice President:

Alumni Relations:

Primary Roles:

  • Alumni Association
  • Parent-Teacher Organization

Office 1

1st floor - N114 

Office Personnel

Assistant Principals:

·         Brooks Straub

·         Frank Salinas

·         Monica Pizana

·         Ron Dominy

·         Mary Ellen Fernandez

Dean of Students:

Johnnie Jackson

Primary Roles

·         School Discipline Center

·         Tardies only *(Absence notes and early dismissals go to N111)

Office 2

N213 (next door to the Main Office)

Office Personnel:


  • Kelli Sydow
  • Sophia Eng
  • Melba Ervin
  • Linda Harrison


  • Sharen Forbes

Primary Roles:

  • Absence notes
  • Tardies
  • Early Dismissal notes
  • 3 or more Advanced Academic Classes (PDP, HCC, AP, or IB DP)

Nurse’s Office

N103- 1st floor

Office personnel

Nurse: Maurice Mims

Nurse: Dana Makin

Primary Roles

  • Health services for students.
  • Immunization records.
  • Community Services Information.
  • Pregnancy related services.

·         Dispensing of prescription medication.

Sped Office


Office Personnel:

Assistant Principal: Kendra Stokes

Dept. Chair: Dorshelle Cain

Special Education Dept. Clerk: Audrey Johnson

Special Education Dept. Clerk: Emilia Lozano


Primary Roles:

  • Helping students with special needs such as:
  • Schedules
  • Credit appeals
  • Applying for accommodations on SAT and ACT test


West Building Offices

3rd Floor Office

Athletic Office


Office Personnel:

Clerk: Liza Allred


Primary Roles:

  • Athletic Forms
  • Insurance Information
  • Physical Information
  • Booster Club Information

Office 3


Office Personnel:

Assistant Principals:

  • Dr. Raymond Cain Jr.
  • Jorge Martin
  • Dr. Warren Anderson


  • Evelyn Polio


Primary Roles:

  • Advisor: ESL, Foreign Exchange, 504-
  • Absence notes
  • Tardies
  • Early Dismissal notes

Library Offices ( East Building )


College Corner

Located in the Library (East Building 1st floor)

Office Personnel:

Norma Alicia Alderete

Sue Ling



Primary Roles

  • Post high school planning for colleges and careers

School Store


Office Personnel:

School Store Manager: Gregory White


Primary Roles:

  • Uniforms
  • Required reading books
  • snacks

Technology Office

(Located in the Library)

Office Personnel:

Tech. Representative: Rachel Feese-Rutledge

Tech. Representative: David Merlan

Tech. Representative: Tiffany Gatson


Primary Roles:

  • PowerUp Headquarters
  • Student Computer Issues

Book Room

(located in the Library due to construction)

Office Personnel:

Tamia O’Banner

Edward Mosby


  • Textbooks
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