• Accident Plans
    Coverage for the unexpected

    This plan covers emergency treatment, hospital admissions, confinements and diagnostic exams, as well as other expenses related to you or an insured family member injured in a covered accident. This plan pays you in addition to any other coverage you may have.

    • You must enroll in the plan by age 70
    • If you have a covered accident, you receive cash benefits for expenses that may not be fully covered by your medical plan.
    • You do not need to provide evidence of good health to enroll
    • There's no pre-existing conditions exclusion.
    • Actively-at-work provisions apply.
    • Rates and plan stays the same.
    • Aflac Group provides coverage.

    Typical covered charges include:

    • Ambulance
    • Surgery and anesthesia
    • Casts
    • Crutches
    • Emergency room
    • Stitches
    • Wheelchairs
    • Bandages

    You may also elect coverage for dependent child(ren) up to 26.

Coverage Cost

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    Claiming benefits
    If you or one of your covered dependents is involved in an accident, complete the claim form or call 800-433-3036.

    Send your claim form and supporting documentation within 60 days of the accident.

    Actively-at-work provision
    If you are not actively at work when coverage is scheduled to become effective, your coverage doesn't take effect until you complete your first day at work. Paid leave and paid vacation are not considered actively at work.

    Taking coverage with you
    If you leave the district, your accident plan is convertible. That means you can move your coverage to a similar policy that you can take with you. You must be under age 70 to apply for conversion. Retirees are not eligible and other exclusions may apply. For more information about conversion, click here.

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    Helpful resources
    For more information, please refer to your certificate of coverage, available here, or contact Aflac Group at 800-433-3036 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays. You may also review the Accident plan FAQs