Critical Illness

  • Lump-sum benefit on diagnosis of covered illness

    • Critical illness coverage provides money you need early on to cover expenses in the event of a serious illness.
    • There are no 12-month pre-existing-condition restrictions.
    • You must be under age 70 to enroll.
    • No evidence of insurability is required.

    Specifically, this Aflac Group plan pays a $50 wellness screening benefit and a lump-sum cash benefit on the first diagnosis of a covered illness. This is in addition to benefits you receive from any medical plan and doesn’t affect your medical benefits or decrease payments by coordinating with other plans.
    You can use the money for any purpose, including medical bills, deductibles and uncovered expenses, mortgage payments, and other ongoing living expenses. There’s no deductible and no lifetime maximum benefit amount.

    Coverage options

    • There are two options, Low and High. The High option pays higher benefits as shown in the list of benefit levels below. Dependent children are not eligible for the wellness screening benefit.
    • Spouse coverage is 50% of the primary insured amount.
    • Choosing Employee plus children or Employee plus family automatically covers your dependent child(ren) for 50% of the primary insured amount at no additional cost.

    Claiming benefits
    If you or one of your covered dependents is diagnosed with a covered critical illness or has had a covered health screening, complete the claim form or call 800-433-3036.
    Send your claim form and supporting documentation within 60 days of the screening test or diagnosis.

    Actively-at-work provision
    If you’re not actively at work when coverage is scheduled to become effective, your coverage doesn't take effect until you complete your first day at work. Paid leave and paid vacation are not considered actively at work.

    Taking coverage with you
    If you leave the district, your critical illness plan is convertible. Other exclusions may apply. For more information about conversion, click here

    If you would like to review more information, click English or Spanish

    Helpful resources
    For more information, please refer to your certificate of coverage or contact Aflac Group for additional information at 800-433-3036 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays.

Coverage Cost