Hospital Indemnity

  • Hospital indemnity
    Cash payment for hospital or intensive care expenses

    • Hospital indemnity provides a boost to help pay your share of hospital expenses.
    • There are no 12-month pre-existing condition restrictions.
    • Coverage is available to employees under 70.
    • All employees pay the same rate.
    • No evidence of insurability is required.

    Specifically, this Aflac Group plan provides a cash payment for hospital admission, confinement or intensive care expenses due to injuries received in a covered accident or because of a covered illness. To receive this benefit, you or your covered beneficiary must be admitted to a hospital within six months of the date of the covered accident or illness. Benefits are paid for stays of up to 365 days. You receive full benefits, even if you have other medical or insurance coverage. You don’t pay a deductible, and the benefits it pays are the same no matter which hospital you use.

    Coverage options
    Choose from two options, Low and High. The High option pays higher benefits as shown in the list of benefit levels below.
    The hospital admission benefit applies once for each covered pregnancy, accident or sickness.
    This is only a sample of benefits under this plan. Please refer to your Hospital Indemnity Low or High certificate of coverage for detailed information.

    Claiming benefits
    Complete the claim form or call 800-433-3036 to receive reimbursement for covered medical expenses.

    Send your claim form and supporting documentation within 60 days of being admitted to the hospital to:

    Aflac Group
    Hospital Indemnity Processing Unit
    P.O. Box 427
    Columbia, South Carolina 29202

    Actively-at-work provision
    If you’re not actively at work when coverage is scheduled to become effective, your coverage doesn't take effect until you complete your first day at work. Paid leave and paid vacation are not considered being actively at work.

    Taking coverage with you
    If you leave the district, your plan may be convertible, unless you’re a retiree. Other exclusions may apply. For more information about conversion, click here.

    If you would like to review more information, click English or Spanish

    Helpful resources
    For more information, please refer to your certificate of coverage, available here, or contact Aflac Group at 800-433-3036 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays.

Hospital indemnity rates

Rates per pay period

Low Option
Employee: $2.36
Employee + Spouse: $4.42
Employee + child(ren): $4.17
Employee + family: $6.23

High Option
Employee: $4.48
Employee + Spouse: $8.40
Employee + child(ren): $7.79
Employee + family: $11.71

Benefit Levels

Per hospital admission
Low Option: They pay $300
High Option: They pay $500

Per day per hospital confinement
Low Option: They pay $75
High Option: They pay $150

Hospital intensive care per day confinement
Low Option: They pay $150
High Option: They pay $300