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    Men’s oral health: What you should know

    One of the most common factors for infrequent dental check-ups is simply being male.*
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    Taking medication? Certain heart, blood pressure and antidepressant medications may reduce the amount of saliva in your mouth, which increases your risk for cavities.** To limit the impact of dry mouth:

    • Drink plenty of water
    • Use sugar-free candy or gum

    Playing sports? Contact sports in particular may increase your risk for injury. Protect yourself by wearing a mouthguard.

    Using tobacco? Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco increases your risk of gum disease, bad breath, tooth discoloration, white patches and oral cancers. If you smoke, mention it to your dentist so they can look for early signs of oral cancers.

    Going for an interview or promotion? Twelve percent of people believe their smile or oral health condition held them back from getting a job or promotion.*** Taking good care of your teeth can ensure you’re not one of them.

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