Financial Wellness

  • The far-reaching impact of financial well‑being

    counting Financial well-being is having a sense of security in your financial status and little to no financial stress. In these challenging times, it's critical to focus on employees' financial health, since it plays a large role in their overall well-being.

    48% of the U.S. workforce is affected by financial stress, which is linked to panic attacks and suicidal thoughts, costing $500 billion per year.*
    The latest episode of the Cigna Life ConnectedSM podcast focuses on the three phases of financial well-being: making employees aware of financial stress, encouraging them to activate a plan to reduce it and helping them adopt behaviors to meet their financial goals.

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    You can help improve your employees’ financial health by offering:
    • Retirement plan(s)
    • HSA, HRA, FSA options
    • Employee Assistance Program with a financial consultation component
    • Easy-to-use online tools that provide cost transparency
    • Financial seminars/webinars
    • Education reimbursement

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