• November 11,2 019 MINUTES


    Members present: 

    Stephaine Square

    Rafael Betancourt

    Maribel Diaz

    Dr. Karen Saenz

    Melissa Elias

    Gabriela Luna

    Mark Speier

    • Remebering Ms. Huggins [message below from representative at Vocabulary.com]
      • I wanted to send you our Bowl Round-Up Video, where the team here included a little dedication to Sherri. As East Early College's new Account Manager, I did not have the pleasure of working with Mrs. Huggins, but her reputation is notorious here at Vocabulary.com!  

         You can see the dedication at the end of the High School Highlights video (the third video): https://www.vocabulary.com/articles/announcements/students-achieve-staggering-stats-in-season-opener/

         If you need anything or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


        Shannon B

    • Program of Study for East ECHS STEM:  Renewable Energy Program of Study
      • 9TH: Principles of Applied Engineering
      • 10th: AC/DC Electronics
      • 11th: Scientific Research and Design / GEOL 1305/1345
      • 12th: TBD - Project Based Learning
    • Social Worker
      • Next year position - counselor
    • Support for Algebra I
      • Tutor from Yancy Life M/W 12:30-4:30
      • Saturdays 
    • Support for ELA, Bio and USH
      • ELA: Need support plan
      • Bio: Ms.Diaz after school T/Th and Saturdays
      • USH: 
        • One Goal Fridays
        • Hourly position for Fridays 
    • Plan for AP / SAT
      • Khan Academy
      • AP Saturday Academies
    • Cycle 1 and 2 Reward plan
      • December 3 game room at UH incentive 
    • Attendance: Goal for this year 98.5 we are currently at 98.3
    • FACE Walkthrough Results
      • We conducted the required FACE walkthrough for your campus on 11/4/19 and were given some of the following feedback (In no particular order of importance) regarding your campus:

         The Good:

        • The communication is very good from all staff
        • The cafeteria is clean
        • Motivational signs
        • Quality staff
        • Long lunch for kids
        • Club choices

        The Bad:

        • Bathrooms had some issues with broken locks
        • Bathrooms had broken soap dispensers
        • Theft

         Needs Improvement:

        • Students would like a gym
        • Students would like better hand soap in restrooms
        • Fix or improve student ID policies
        • Fix or improve student restroom pass policy
        • Fix or replace broken cafeteria tables/chairs

         Overall, your schools feedback was  great with the only real issues being minor ones that can be rather easily addressed or fixed. The only big issue was the availability of a gym, which everyone understood why it was going to be hard to get.

        I have also attached the notes the parents wrote out in case you would like for your records.

        Nicolas Meza

        Specialist, Family and Community Engagement

        713-556-7181 (Direct)  713-556-7290 (Main)

        Nicolas.Meza@HoustonISD.org (email)

        FACE parent survey plan Nov. 18 (need to develop agenda items for parent meetings)
      • Nov 18 class of 2022 at 4:00pm  and 2023 at 5:30pm
        • website 
        • calendar
        • upcoming event
        • sponsor
        • dues
        • HCC transcript - counts forever
        • Dual credit vs. Advanced Placement
        • AP Saturday Academies
        • faculty website www.houstonisd.org/eastfaculty
    • Staffing updates
      • We have a math position open for dual credit math and Geometry 
    • Next Meeting Agenda items
      • Budget (after final budget conference)
      • Staffing update