East Early College High School

scientia omnia vincit (Knowledge Conquers All)

Personal Graduation Plans

    • The personal graduation plan is a working document used by counselors/administrators to assist students in completing graduation requirements to plan for life after high school. It is a tool used to document grades, assessments, and other requirements in law. 


      Your role as a parent is to meet with school counselor or administrator to review the personal graduation plan, endorsement options, and Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA) with your child. Parents have a virtual option to be able to access their child’s PGP through HISD Connect. A parent’s signature is required for acknowledgment of their child’s Personal Graduation Plan.  



    A focused and successful high school path is the road to future success in higher education, workforce training, and career. Revised state requirements and HISD’s own rigorous standards — along with a broad choice of career pathways — help students work with parents and educators to map their coursework to align with their aptitudes and interests. Planning a path — identifying a direction and setting goals — helps make education relevant to a student’s future.


    Entering ninth-graders are now required to pass five End-of-Course (EOC) exams to graduate.


    Algebra I English I English II Biology U.S. History


    The English I and II exams combine reading and writing into one five-hour test.

    For next year’s entering ninth-graders:

    Students will enter under the new 26-credit Foundation High School Program with an endorsement – and take Algebra II at the appropriate time – which will allow them to earn a Distinguished Level of Achievement and become eligible for automatic admission into state universities if they graduate in the top 10% of their class.

    Endorsement Plans

    With the help of teachers, counselors, and parents, students will decide on one or more endorsement plans:

    These endorsements will help create a personalized learning plan in line with a student’s career interests and goals. Families will be given a school-by-school breakdown of student options well in advance, to assist them in selecting a high school endorsement and career pathway that meets the student’s career interests and post-secondary goals.

    Performance Acknowledgements

    Students may earn up to FIVE performance acknowledgements, which will be displayed on diplomas and transcripts:

    Dual credit courses PSAT/SAT/ACT and or ACT-Plan exams
    Bilingualism and bi-literacy Business and industry certifications and/or licenses
    AP and IB exams