East ECHS Dress Code

  • East ECHS dress code requires neat, clean, and appropriate dress and grooming. While we do not have a uniform policy, students are required to adhere to our dress code policy. Students should be dressed in such a manner that their appearance in the school contributes to the learning process, doesn’t interrupt the learning process, and represents our school in a positive manner. The dress code is always in effect while on the campus or while attending any HISD/EECHS sponsored event.

Daily Dress Code

    • East ECHS School provided student ID  must always be worn around the neck on a lanyard.
    • HCC ID is only required once a student is issued HCC ID (usually one month before 1st college class)
    • Students must bring a school-issued fully charged laptop in a laptop case every day and a charger. 
    • No slippers, pajamas, or blankets may be worn. No stuffed animals or pillows are to be carried. 
    • No baseball caps, bandanas, wave caps, do-rags, knitted hats, bonnets, or sweatbands may be worn inside the building. These must be placed out of sight (backpack, etc.) upon entering the building. Headwear worn for religious purposes is acceptable and must be communicated with the student’s dean in advance.
    • Sunglasses are not permitted. Headphones and earbuds should not be worn in hallways and classrooms between 7:50 am and 3:30 pm. Headphones and earbuds may be used on assignments in the classroom when permitted by the teacher.
    • Students may not wear slides or flip-flops. Students must wear closed-toe shoes that cover the entire foot as required.


    • Shirts must overlap pants by two inches; midriffs may not be visible when arms are raised.
    • Dresses and blouses may not be backless or off the shoulder, and they must have full sleeves.
    • Students may not wear tank tops, racer back shirts, spaghetti-strapped shirts or off the shoulder shirts.


    • Skirts, shorts, and dresses may be no more than 2 inches above the kneecap.
    • Tights may be worn with skirts or dresses that are 2 inches above the kneecap
    • Clothing with holes, rips, or shredding are not permitted, even if skin is not showing.
      • Tights, leggings, t-shirts, or tank tops underneath do not compensate for the holes.

Science Labs

  • The dress code for science labs applies, even if there is no lab scheduled for the day or if the class is not a science class. The purpose of additional dress code policies for science labs is to ensure the safety and security of both students and staff.

    • Students may not wear any jewelry when entering the science lab.
    • Students must wear pants or ankle-length skirts.