• What is an Advocate?

    All children need someone to look out for them, someone to help take them toward academic success. An advocate is a person who empowers their students. They give advice, encouragement, or a listening ear. It’s an individual that lets a student know that they have someone who believes in them and who is there for them. Teachers, administrators, and school staff can be advocates for students while they are in school. They can work with students and build a repertoire and help guide them.

    Why do Students Need Advocates?

    Our students need to know that adults in their school believe in them. They need encouragement, and want their opinions and needs validated. As teachers, we can do that for them. We can influence change and validate their feelings and needs.

    What Does a Successful Advocate Look like?

    Successful advocates share their knowledge and expertise. They act as a positive role model and take personal interest in their students. They motivate their students by setting a good example and demonstrating a positive attitude.