Campus Policy

    • Students are permitted to use their cell phones before school, during lunch, and after school.
    • Cell phones should not be in use or visible at 7:50am as students transition to first class period. 
    • In the classroom, cell phone use is at the teacher’s discretion. Teacher must explicitly grant permission for student use. 
    • Headphones/airpods are not permitted and should not be visible during any passing periods beginning at 7:50am.
      • Headphones are only permitted in classroom if teacher permits. 
      • This is important for safety reasons in the event of an emergency announcement.
    • Students must have their cell phones silenced throughout the instructional day.


    Violations will result in immediate confiscation. Storing expensive electronic devices is exhausstive for our support/admin staff. This is the reason for the fee. We prefer not to confiscate any electronic device but will prioritize policy enforcement to promote learning environment.


    • Use or operation of paging devices, laptops, cell phones, tablets, beepers, smart watches, or any other type of personal device with wi-fi or carrier-based internet connectivity on school campuses or at functions during school hours in direct violation of campus usage procedures and regulations are considered a violation of student conduct. Such devices may be used at a time and place as determined by the individual campus in coordination with the campus Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDMC). In addition to disciplinary action, the unauthorized use of electronic devices will result in confiscation. A $15 administrative fee payable to HISD will be charged if the device is claimed within the 30 days. Devices not claimed will be sent to Property Management for disposal. 
    • Sending or forwarding inappropriate electronic communications, including emails containing offensive language, untruthful statements, junk emails, chain letters, or jokes using HISD Information Technology resources or the HISD network and on personal devices/accounts, if it is determined that the communications have a material and substantial interference with school activities or with the rights of students 



  • Houston ISD Electronic Device Advisory Form 

    “As per the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Houston ISD, the use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices during testing is not permitted. I understand that I must power off my electronic device(s) and turn it in to the Test Administrator to hold until ALL students have completed the test. Being in possession of any electronic device(s) will be reason to have my test picked up and NOT SCORED. I understand that I will then have to turn in my phone, and that disciplinary action will be taken by campus administration.” I understand and will comply with the directions regarding any electronic device"