• We partner with Treering for our school yearbook. All students are encouraged to purchase a yearbook each year, especially due to low price with soft cover option. Additionally, Treering plants one tree for each yearbook sold!


    Important: Students must list AVID TEACHER as TEACHER for TREERING


    Click here for flyer (10% discount if purchased by September 30th)


    Click here for more information about CUSTOM PAGES



    Soft Cover 8.5 x 11 - Glossy Finish with 72 pages - including TWO CUSTOM PAGES   


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    Soft Cover (8.5"x11")
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About Treering

  • Treering was started to update the old school yearbook industry. We use technology to simplify the yearbook process, and a business model that eliminates cost and stress for schools. Our main goal: help you build a book you and your school can be proud of (and have fun doing it)! 


    TreeRing’s environmental roots go deeper than our name. We kinda like this planet, so we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every yearbook purchased. In addition, we print on recycled paper and only produce the exact number of books parents buy, eliminating unnecessary waste and resources.


    Not only can our school partners feel good about providing students and parents with a yearbook that captures their personal memories, they can also have confidence in the sustainable and environmentally conscious approach we take in producing them.


    It’s the least we can all do for the next generation.