• Student Access to HISD Connect (Power School)

    Students can login now using their HISD credentials at the same portal as their parents: https://hisdconnect.houstonisd.org/public/

    Student Login credentials: Network username (your S###) and password (Do not use email address or place student\ in front of username).

    Please remember that the IT Service Desk is ready to assist with any questions your teams may have. We also have PowerSchool resources available to help answer How-To questions on scheduling or PowerTeacher Pro questions.


    It is also recommended students download the app (Power School) Our district code is NWJJ




    HISD IT Service and Support is here to help!

    • Online Assistance is available 24/7 on the HISD Solution Center. You can find answers to FAQs, How-to guides and videos, etc.
    • Need Password Reset? Go to HISD Access to reset your own password or reset your account.
    • The Houston ISD IT Service Desk can be reached by:

    The Service Desk is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 5:00pm Central Time excluding Houston Independent School District approved holidays. After-hours support is available for emergencies and to report service outages only. Routine requests for services will be handled during the normal business hours.  

    Parent Access to HISD Connect
    • Parents, we will be sending information shortly which includes your unique code for creating your account in PowerSchool. Parents, please click here to access form to request Access ID and Access Password.
      • Create a Parent Account by visitng www.houstonisd.org/psc 
      • A parent account allows you to view the information for one or more students with a single sign in. You can also manage your personal account preferences.
        • To create a parent account, enter the following information:
          • Name - Your first and last name
          • Email - Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account will be sent to this email
          • Desired Username - Your username is your unique PowerSchool identity
          • Password - Your password must be at least 8 characters long
          • Student Access Information - Information for a minimum of one student, including the student name, Access ID, Access Password, and your relationship to the student



    Updated Immunization Documents
    Please use this link to upload updated immunization records. 

    Message from your HCC advisor Rosario Maldonado

    I would like encourage you  to log into their HCC Accounts as soon as possible.  Click here to access flyer on how to log into your HCC student account, which also includes instructions on how to change your password and update your security questions. 

     Below are useful links for students:

     Student Sign-In Help page:


     Resources for Students:

    This link is for information on accessing services and resources remotely:


     For specific information on Canvas training and WebEx, Software resources, and online library services, click on “Student Instructional Resources.”   Here, students can also find links on how they can get Internet access, plus other needed assistance.

     General COVID-19 Resource page

    General information for Students, Faculty, and other external resources:


     IT Contact information:

    IT Help Desk (password issues): 713-718-8800, option #2

    Canvas Support:  713-718-5295

    IT Email: customer.support@hccs.edu (students SHOULD USE their HCC email account)

    If you need assistance, or would like to set up a Teams/ Zoom meeting with your students, please let me know.  I am happy to be available to assist. Looking forward to a successful semester,


    Rosario Maldonado

    HCC SE Fraga Campus, DC Success Coach

     HCC Southeast College, Fraga Campus

    301 N Drennan, Houston, TX 77003


    P 713)718-6787


    HCC Respondus Lock Down Browser

    • Students now have the ability to utilize the HCC Respondus Lock Down Browser to complete quizzes, exams, etc. Instructions related to completing this task are noted in the attached email. They will need to go through the Microsoft Store managed by HISD that can be found their taskbar of their laptop (as opposed to going through the HISD Software Center). Please contact Alejandro (see email) if you need support. Additionally, WebEx trainings can be completed through a web browser (avoid downloading this program). HCC Respondus Task Card - Installation and Use.docx
      • Alejandro “Alex” Mamontoff

        Online Assessment Administrator, Student Assessment

        713- 349-7460 (office) | 713-724-7281 (cellular) | 713-349-7461 (fax)
        www.HoustonISD.org/OA (Online Assessment web page)

        amamonto@HoustonISD.org (email)



    • Students need to call the Canvas Help Desk (713-718-5295) to troubleshoot access to this LMS platform. HCC will be monitoring student access to this platform. Please make every effort to have them access Canvas, given that we likely will be shifting all dual credit instruction to this platform in the long term.



    HCC students report back to class Monday, March 30.  At that time, HCC will provide classes via online, hybrid, small group and/or by appointment, depending on the actual course. 

    HCC personnel provided the links below to help support students. 

    Eagle Online (Canvas) Video Introduction:

    Part One of the Canvas Training for Students follows the online training version found in Canvas. Topics covered include overview, settings, announcements, and notifications.

    Part Two of the Canvas Training for Students follows the online training version found in Canvas. Topics covered include modules, discussions, assignments, and grades.


    Eagle Online (Canvas) Student Guide:

    For information about navigating your online course and using Canvas’ tools, see the Canvas Student Guide


    Opportunities for Students
    1. We are hosting a Zoom Career Conversation on becoming a medical researcher with Sara Stephens, a researcher at Texas Children's Hospital. The event will be on Saturday, August 22nd from 11:00am-Noon. Any interested students can RSVP here, and the flyer is HERE.
    2. We are hosting a Zoom College Application Workshop with several admissions representatives. The event will be on Tuesday, August 25th from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Any interested students can RSVP here, and the flyer is HERE.
    3. We are holding a Zoom Career Conversation with an elementary school teacher. The event will be on Wednesday, August 26th from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Any interested students can RSVP here, and the flyer HERE.
    4. We are holding a Zoom College Information Session on the United States Naval Academy. This event will be on Thursday, August 27th from 5:00-6:00pm. Any interested student can RSVP here, and the flyer HERE
    5. We are holding a Zoom Career Conversation with a Veterinarian. The event will be on Tuesday, September 1st from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Any interested students can RSVP here, and the flyer is here and attached to this email.
    6. We are holding a Zoom Career Conversation with a Lawyer who handles Government Investigations. The event will be on Wednesday, September 2nd from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Any interested students can RSVP here, and the flyer is here and attached to this email.

    "On Friday, July 10th from 1:30pm-2:30pm, Momentum Education will be holding a Career Conversation with IBM, who will discuss their work in technology consulting and potential career opportunities. Please consider watching these two videos to learn more about consulting before the event. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP here. If you have any questions please email or call or text Raj Salhotra, Executive Director of Momentum Education, at 713-320-0303 or raj@momentumedu.org." 



    Raj Salhotra 
    Co-Founder & Executive Director 


    HCC Pass /Fail Deadline today!

     Students, refer to email from Mrs. Square to find guidance for each college class. The text in box provides your specific guidance.

    •  P Pass Option – If you earned a passing grade per the defined passing grade in the course syllabus, you may select this option. You will have until 5 pm on May 22, 2020, to select this option. The Pass Option (will not be calculated for GPA):
    • NCR  Fail Option – Once grades are posted, you may elect to receive no course credit by picking this option. You will have until 5 pm on May 22, 2020, to select this option. The Fail Option (will not be calculated for GPA):




    Click here - scroll to bottom for information about colleges that will transfer "P"


    HCC Pass /Fail Guidance

    Grades for HCC Professors weredue Tuesday 5/19. We will have access to your grades and updated GPA's either Wednesday or Thursday of same week. At this time, you may be able to see your grade for some or all of your college classes (some Professors may post grades late this evening.) Please consider your new GPA once you are able to see all your college grades. 


    • If you earned an A, B or C letter grade, you should keep the letter grade. This means no action is required on your part. 
    • If you earned a D, please wait until Thursday for additional guidance. Please know we must consider NEW GPA to determine if you should keep letter grade or take "pass" option
    • If you earned an F, please wait until Thursday for additional guidance. Please know we must consider NEW GPA to determine if you should keep letter grade or take "fail" option


    If you need to take "pass" or "fail" option, please be advised we will post instructions on this page (announcements) on Thursday.



    Click here and scroll to the bottom for info related to "Transfer" of P




    HCC After Final Grade Assignment

    Students received a message from HCC stating, "After the submission of final grades, students may select a traditional letter grade (A-F) or a pass/fail grading option" Students have until May 22nd to make a selection. We have received new guidance from the district communication impact this decision will have on your high school transcript. Please do not make a selection yet. We will send you guidance by Tuesday, May 19th to ensure you make the best selection for yourself. 

    Below is the communication our students received

     After the submission of final grades, students may select a traditional letter grade (A-F) or a pass/fail grading option.

    Pass Option – If you earned a passing grade per the defined passing grade in the course syllabus, you may select this option. You will have until 5 pm on May 22, 2020, to select this option. The Pass Option (will not be calculated for GPA):

    • Will count for credit earned.
    • Will count toward HCC academic progress with exceptions to some specific programs (e.g. health sciences, public safety, etc.).
    • Will count toward HCC degree completion with exceptions to some specific programs (e.g. health sciences, public safety, etc.).
    • Will appear on transcript as (P).
    • Will fulfill a prerequisite course requirement for a future HCC course.
    • Will fulfill financial aid, veteran benefits and SEVIS requirements.
    • To understand how a grade of Passing may impact transfer requirements to other institutions go to the Transfer Office


    Fail Option – Once grades are posted, you may elect to receive no course credit by picking this option. You will have until 5 pm on May 22, 2020, to select this option. The Fail Option (will not be calculated for GPA):

    • Will Not count for credit.
    • Will Not count toward HCC academic progress.
    • Will Not count toward HCC degree completion.
    • Will appear on transcript as (NCR).
    • Will Not fulfill a pre-requisite requirement for a future HCC course.
    • Will Not fulfill financial aid, veteran benefits and SEVIS requirements.

    Next week is the last week of HCC classes. We want to support your efforts to finish strong.

    Next week (The week of May 11th-May 15th)
    • Virtual lessons will go on as scheduled
    • No new assignments for high school classes will be assigned for the week ending Friday May 15th
    • Missing assignments are all due May 18th
    Last set of new assignments will be assigned the week of May 18th and will be due May 22nd
    • Final exams are canceled

    Don't forget to prepare for AP Exams (see link for schedule)


    HISD adopts new grading policy for remainder of school year

    For the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, the Houston Independent School District is adopting a new grading policy in alignment with the implementation of the district’s new online learning system, HISD @ H.O.M.E.

    To ensure that students’ grades are not negatively impacted due to the need for online instruction in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic:

    • No district grades taken after March 12, 2020 can negatively impact a student’s overall average for the course.  
    • If a student’s grade in the final grading cycle negatively impacts their overall final grade in a course, that final cycle grade will be omitted in the calculation of the final grade for the course.
    • Individual schools have discretion for class assignments and grading, but they have been asked to be flexible and understanding of the burdens and limitations that COVID-19 has placed on students and families.

    Parents and students are encouraged to save all completed assignments in one place if students are unable to submit their work digitally until further details are provided. More detailed information pertaining to grading can be accessed at www.houstonisd.org/HealthAlerts


    Need Hot Spot Internet Access?

    Click here to complete survey.

    Grading Cycle 

    The last day for Cycle 5 was Friday April 3rd. April 6th represents the beginning of Cycle 6. Report cards for cycle 5 will go out soon. 


    Please focus on

    • HCC courses
    • Semster average  

    Virtual Schedule



    School Holidays

    • Monday, March 30, 2020 is a school holiday - Chavez/Huerta Day (However HCC classes begin on this day)
    • Friday April 10, 2020 is a school holiday - Spring Holiday 

    Daily Schedule -Virtual Learning

    Students we worked hard to do all we can to ease the stress. We know a lot of you have other responsibilities, including college classes, work, siblings, etc. Below is your weekly schedule during school closures. 

    • Mondays and Tuesdays log in to Teams during your class scheduled time. 
    • Fridays log in to Teams at10am for AVID. 

    If you ever need support any day during the week you can reach out to your teacher for support. 

    Student Tasks Week of March 23rd

    Students please complete the following items the week of March 23rd. Beginning March 31st, instructional lessons go live. 

    1. East ECHS Survey
    2. HISD@H.O.M.E. Survey
    3. Access Microsoft Teams
      1. You can click here to download the app to your personal computer, ipad or cell hone
      2. You can visit office365.houstonisd.org and Click on the Teams App then select "Watch on the web instead" to access via browser
        1. t
    4. Check your HISD email AND Check your HCC email REGULARLY
    5. Need Support from one of us? Please email us. 
      1. Principal Stephanie Square: ssquare@houstonisd.org
      2. Dean Janet Orozco: jorozco@houstonisd.org
      3. Dean Mark Speier: mspeier@houstonisd.org
      4. Social Worker Meghan Rodriguez: mrodri82@houstonisd.org
      5. CSR Kristi Galind at Kristi.Galindo@houstonisd.org (Technology or College Textbooks Access)
    6. Grades up to March 12th are due in Gradespeed by April 9th.  If you need to make up any assignments, please reach out to your teachers and complete make up assignments before Friday of next week. https://www.houstonisd.org/eastfaculty


    Special Message

    Falcon Family,

    We hope you and all your family members are doing well despite our current environment. At East Early College High School, we are committed to continue supporting our scholars with academic enrichment during the school closures.  Beginning next week your child’s AVID teacher will conduct check-ins regularly to discuss any question or concerns with instructional material. If you would like to contact a teacher directly, please review the teacher’s website for email information.  To ensure that we are meeting your needs we ask that you complete the survey H.O.M.E.  This information is also posted on our announcements page.  Regarding HCC courses, all students must successfully complete the online modules on the HCC Eagle account daily beginning Monday, March 30, 2020.  To stay up to date we encourage you to periodically visit the HISD and HCC communication platforms via webpage and or social media platforms. Our building will be open for a brief period for those who need to retrieve belongings. You must use signup link below before arriving. Please know our leadership team is here if you need anything. Please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you again for your patience as we embrace our new reality due to the spread of the coronavirus!


    Admin contacts:

    Principal Stephanie Square: ssquare@houstonisd.org

    Dean Janet Orozco: jorozco@houstonisd.org

    Dean Mark Speier: mspeier@houstonisd.org

    Social Worker Meghan Rodriguez: mrodri82@houstonisd.org


    Important update from HCC

    Fraga Academic Update: HCC received confirmation that the individual who possibly exposed the Fraga Academic Building tested negative for Coronavirus.  

    Disaster recovery cleaning, per CDC guidelines, at the building is complete.  The Fraga Academic building will be cleared to re-open when the College resumes classes on March 30.


    Please be sure to visit our school website for most up to date information

    Website: www.houstonisd.org/eastechs

    Faculty Emails: www.houstonisd.org/eastfaculty

    Announcements: www.houstonisd.org/announcements

    HCC My Eagle: https://myeagle.hccs.edu/app/profile/login


    H.O.M.E. Survey

    Below is the survey link that is available to parents to complete online. Here is the survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9VPFZ5Q


    H.O.M.E. Based Ongoing Mobile Education

    • HISD HUB Master Courses
      • Students can access the HUB Master Courses. These courses will allow students to complete lessons that support state standards. The lessons are found in the content-specific HUB Courses.  These lessons support a continuation of the learning from the current school year.
    • Project-Based Learning Student Plans (9-12)
      • Project-Based Learning planners are available for students who are enrolled in a core content courses (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies). These project ideas are designed to support a review of learning for the entire year.
    • Students have access to plans for enrichment courses for Fine Arts, Health & Physical Education, and Languages Other Than English.

    Link: https://www.houstonisd.org/home



    It is very important you check your Outlook email and calendar regularly for both HCC and HISD.


    Familia Falcon,

    Esperamos que usted y todos los miembros de su familia estén bien a pesar de nuestro entorno actual. En East Early College High School, estamos comprometidos a continuar apoyando a nuestros alumnos con enriquecimiento académico durante el cierre de las escuelas. A partir de la próxima semana, el maestro AVID de su hijo/a realizará llamadas en línea periódicas para analizar cualquier pregunta o inquietud con el material de instrucción. Si desea contactar a un maestro directamente, revise el sitio web del maestro para obtener información por correo electrónico. Para asegurarnos de satisfacer sus necesidades, le pedimos que complete la encuesta INICIO Esta información también se publica en nuestra página de anuncios. Con respecto a los cursos de HCC, todos los estudiantes deben completar con éxito los módulos en línea en la cuenta de HCC Eagle diariamente a partir del lunes 30 de marzo de 2020. Para mantenerse al día, lo alentamos a que visite periódicamente las plataformas de comunicación de HISD y HCC a través de la página web o las plataformas de redes sociales. Nuestro edificio estará abierto por un breve período para aquellos que necesiten recuperar sus pertenencias. Debe usar el enlace de registro a continuación antes de llegar. Por favor, sepa que nuestro equipo de liderazgo está aquí si necesita algo. No dudes en comunicarte. ¡Gracias nuevamente por su paciencia mientras adoptamos nuestra nueva realidad debido a la propagación del coronavirus!


    Contactos de administrador:

    Directora Stephanie Square: ssquare@houstonisd.org

    Decano Janet Orozco: jorozco@houstonisd.org

    Dean Mark Speier: mspeier@houstonisd.org

    Trabajadora social Meghan Rodriguez: mrodri82@houstonisd.org


    Actualización importante de HCC

    Actualización académica de Fraga: HCC recibió la confirmación de que la persona que posiblemente expuso el Edificio Académico de Fraga dio negativo por Coronavirus.

    La limpieza de recuperación ante desastres, según las pautas de los CDC, en el edificio está completa. El edificio de Fraga Academic se autorizará para volver a abrir cuando el Colegio reanude las clases el 30 de marzo.


    Asegúrese de visitar el sitio web de nuestra escuela para obtener la información más actualizada.

    Sitio web: www.houstonisd.org/eastechs

    Correos electrónicos de la facultad: www.houstonisd.org/eastfaculty

    Anuncios: www.houstonisd.org/announcements

    HCC My Eagle: https://myeagle.hccs.edu/app/profile/login


    Encuesta HOME

    A continuación se muestra el enlace de la encuesta que está disponible para que los padres completen en línea. Aquí está el enlace de la encuesta: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9VPFZ5Q


    Educación móvil continua basada en el hogar

    • Cursos Maestros HISD HUB
      • Los estudiantes pueden acceder a los cursos principales de HUB. Estos cursos permitirán a los estudiantes completar lecciones que respalden los estándares estatales. Las lecciones se encuentran en los cursos de HUB específicos del contenido. Estas lecciones apoyan la continuación del aprendizaje del año escolar actual.
    • Planes de aprendizaje basado en proyectos para estudiantes (9-12)
      • Los planificadores de aprendizaje basado en proyectos están disponibles para los estudiantes que están inscritos en cursos de contenido básico (artes del idioma inglés, matemáticas, ciencias y estudios sociales). Estas ideas de proyectos están diseñadas para respaldar una revisión del aprendizaje durante todo el año.
    • Los estudiantes tienen acceso a planes para cursos de enriquecimiento para Bellas Artes, Salud y Educación Física e Idiomas que no sean inglés.

    Enlace: https://www.houstonisd.org/home


    Es muy importante que revise su correo electrónico y calendario de Outlook regularmente tanto para HCC como para HISD.


    Fraga Academic Update:
    HCC received confirmation that the individual that possibly exposed the Fraga Academic Building tested negative for Coronavirus.   
    • Disaster recovery cleaning, per CDC guidelines, at the building is complete.  The Fraga Academic building will be cleared to re-open when the College resumes classes on March 30.
    • College President will issue guidance via email on the schedule and steps to re-open the building by Friday, March 20

    ATTENTION: HISD will close all schools and district offices beginning Friday, March 13 until Monday, March 30, 2020. Classes will resume on Tuesday, March 31. Please note that all Spring Break camps and UIL events have been canceled. District administration will continue to closely monitor the situation during the closure and provide operational updates, as necessary.


    ATENCIÓN: HISD cerrará todas las escuelas y oficinas del distrito a partir del viernes 13 de marzo hasta el lunes 30 de marzo de 2020. Las clases se reanudarán el martes 31 de marzo. Tenga en cuenta que todos los campamentos de vacaciones de primavera y eventos UIL han sido cancelados. La administración del distrito continuará monitoreando de cerca la situación durante el cierre y proporcionará actualizaciones operativas, según sea necesario.

    Update from HCC: Possible Exposure at Fraga Campus
    HCC was notified of an individual who has been asked to self-quarantine by a health authority.  This person was present in Academic building at HCC’s Fraga Campus on March 11.  Based on information currently available, we do not believe that members of HCC’s faculty, staff or student body have come into contact with this individual.  However, out of an abundance of caution, we are closing the Fraga Academic building until further notice.

    Faculty, staff and students in the building have all been notified and we are implementing deep cleaning procedures in accordance with CDC recommendations.  Therefore, the building will be inaccessible to students, faculty and staff.  Additionally, we are working closely with our partners at Fraga Campus and local health authorities to address this potential exposure and take any steps necessary to limit potential spread.

    We are asking any students, faculty and staff at the Fraga Academic building to monitor their health, and if they experience any symptoms, immediately notify their health provider and HCC.  As a reminder, the following resources have been established for any self-reporting or concerns.

    We understand that the HCC community may be rightfully concerned about this announcements, but please know the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff are our highest priority.  The measures described above are being taken out of an abundance of caution and as soon as we have any further updates, we will communicate them immediately.


    Actualización de HCC: Posible exposición en el campus de Fraga

    HCC fue notificado de una persona a la que una autoridad de salud le pidió que se pusiera en cuarentena. Esta persona estuvo presente en el edificio Académico en el Campus Fraga de HCC el 11 de marzo. Según la información actualmente disponible, no creemos que los miembros de la facultad, el personal o el cuerpo estudiantil de HCC hayan entrado en contacto con esta persona. Sin embargo, por precaución, estamos cerrando el edificio Fraga Academic hasta nuevo aviso.


    Todos los docentes, el personal y los estudiantes del edificio han sido notificados y estamos implementando procedimientos de limpieza profunda de acuerdo con las recomendaciones de los CDC. Por lo tanto, el edificio será inaccesible para estudiantes, profesores y personal. Además, estamos trabajando estrechamente con nuestros socios en el campus de Fraga y las autoridades sanitarias locales para abordar esta posible exposición y tomar las medidas necesarias para limitar la posible propagación.


    Estamos pidiendo a los estudiantes, profesores y personal del edificio Académico Fraga que controlen su salud y, si experimentan algún síntoma, notifiquen de inmediato a su proveedor de salud y a HCC. Como recordatorio, se han establecido los siguientes recursos para cualquier autoinforme o inquietud.

    Important announcement from HCC

    Thursday, March 12, 2020 – This afternoon, HCC’s COVID-19 Incident Management Team was notified of the potential exposure to Coronavirus at two of our campus locations. Out of an abundance of caution, these impacted locations are being closed immediately until further notice. HCC is initiating immediate deep cleaning procedures. Classes at the Fraga Academic Building and Coleman College are canceled for this afternoon and for the rest of the week. The ONLY impacted locations are the Fraga Academic Building and Coleman College. We will share additional details ASAP via email and hccs.edu/health-notice.

     Important announcement from East ECHS

    What we know: Employee from leased office had no contact with students or staff at HCC. More information will be provided from HISD and East ECHS very soon. Please visit https://houstonisd.org/healthalerts and https://houstonisd.org/announcements to stay up to date with information.

     Esta tarde, se notificó al equipo de  incidentes COVID-19 de HCC sobre la posible exposición al coronavirus en dos de las ubicaciones de nuestro campus. Por precaución, estas ubicaciones afectadas se están cerrando inmediatamente hasta nuevo aviso. HCC está iniciando procedimientos inmediatos de limpieza profunda. Las clases en el Fraga Academic Building y Coleman College se cancelan por esta tarde y por el resto de la semana. Los ÚNICOS lugares afectados son el Fraga Academic Building y el Coleman College. Compartiremos detalles adicionales lo antes posible por correo electrónico y hccs.edu/health-notice.

    Anuncio Important de East ECHS

    Lo que sabemos: El empleado de la oficina alquilada no tuvo contacto con los estudiantes o el personal de HCC. Se proporcionará más información de HISD y East ECHS muy pronto. Por favor visite https://houstonisd.org/healthalertshttps://houstonisd.org/announcements para informacion.


    Class of 2022: Please complete the following Summer School HCC request link.


    Rising Juniors Course Request






    AVID Thursday, March 5, 2020

    All East ECHS are required to take HISD’s Global Graduate Survey. The survey should only take 15 minutes.


    To access the survey, students should log into the HUB and search for the course called "Global Graduate Student Survey." Within the course, they can click on "Resources" to find "Global Graduate Student Survey, Spring 2020." Please note that this survey is for students in grades 9–12 only.

    The district is administering this online survey to collect data related to HISD Board Goal #2, which calls for the percentage of graduates meeting the district's Global Graduate standards as measured by the College and Career Readiness component of the Texas accountability system to increase by three percentage points annually from the 2017 baseline of 52% to 67% by 2022. This survey of high school students is intended to determine how well the district is doing in developing the qualities needed for students to be successful in today's world as Global Graduates. The same Global Graduate survey was administered in the spring of 2018 and 2019


    Upcoming Events

    • Monday March 2, 2020

      • 8:00am and 4:00pm Title I Parent Meeting

      • 4:30 pm and 5:15pm Soccer vs. North Houston ECHS @Mason 6

    • Thursday March 5, 2020

      • Soccer vs. Challenge ECHS @Mason 5

    • Friday March 6, 2020

      • Mock English I and English II STAAR make up

      • Revised bell schedule

      • Open Mic 2pm

      • HOMECOMING DANCE hosted by LULAC Youth Council

    • Saturday March 7, 2020

      • AP Saturday Academy 8am-12pm at Westbury High School

    HOCO homecoming court nominees-

    Voting will take place during the HOCO Dance. Winner will be announced at Dance. See you there!






    Schedule for Friday, March 6, 2020 

    *Seniors interested in taking a different cap and gown photo pleas wear a white top. Please visit HoustonISD.org/ClassOf2020 FOR MORE INFO. 


    Yearbook -> Click here to show video



    This Friday February 21, 2020

    7:50-8:25 all students report to AVID

    2:30-3:30 all students report to assigned rooms

    Award Ceremonies Grades 10-12

    12th Grade - 8:30-10:00

    11th Grade - 10:05-11:35

    10th Grade - 1:00-2:30



    Students please take survey for SPIRIT WEEK 2020



    Free Tax Preparation @EECHS

    • Saturday, February 8 from 10 am to 2 pm

    • Please bring:

      • Relevant tax documents

      • Social security card or individual taxpayer identification card

      • Photo ID

    Please click here for more details. 

    Mental Health Day "Love Yourself" 2/14/2020


    *Students, you must be logged into your HISD credentials in order to complete the survey.*

    Student Mental Health Day Survey - Click Here

    Upcoming Events

    • Monday February 3, 2020

      • Voter Registration Drive

      • Coffee with the Principal

      • Humane Club Meeting during both lunches

    • Tuesday February 4, 2020

      • Food Market 1pm-3pm

    • Wednesday February 5, 2020

      • Soccer vs. South ECHS at Mason 4

    • Thursday February 6, 2020

      • SECME Regional Content 2

    • Monday February 10, 2020

      • SDMC meeting at 3:45pm

      • Soccer vs. Raul Izaguirre Mason 5

    • Tuesday February 11, 2020

      • PTO meeting 6pm

    • Wednesday February 12, 2020

      • Soccer vs. Energy Institute #4

    • Thursday  February 13, 2020

      • Noche de Ciencias 4pm-6pm

    • Friday February 14, 2020

      • Mental Health Day

      • Valentine’s Day

      • Early Dismissal day

      • Last day of Cycle 4

    New Parking Rules and Regulations begin Jan. 2


    Starting in January, every member of the HCC family (Students, Faculty and Staff) and Contractors and Visitors will need to display an HCC issued parking permit on their dashboard or hanging on their center mirror when on HCC property.


    If you have a permit today, you will not need a new permit until September 2020.


    If you do not have a permit today, you may submit a request for a parking permit by clicking on the link and following the instruction at the parking website: hccs.edu/parking.


    Who needs a permit?  All Students, Faculty Staff and Contractors and Visitors. Full or part-time, including STUDENTS who park a vehicle on any HCC parking lot across the district will need to have a permit displayed on their dashboard or center mirror. More information regarding Contractor and Visitor parking permits is available by HCCPD to the Campus Operations Officer.


    Why do we need parking permits? HCC is vested in the safety and security of our property and resources. To ensure that parking is available to the HCC Family and those visitors and/or contractors who are conducting business with HCC, a new parking permit system is being launched.


    Will tickets be issued to violators?  Yes, beginning January 2, the HCCPD will start issuing warning tickets for vehicles that do not display an HCC parking permit on their dashboard or center mirror. 


    On February 1, and thereafter, if you do not have the permit displayed, official HCC parking tickets will be issued. Vehicles parked on HCC Property and that do not display an HCC Parking Permit will be ticketed and may be booted or towed, at the discretion of HCC.


    Please be sure to only park in lots marked for your permit (students in student lots, faculty and staff in faculty and staff lots). Parking in unauthorized spaces will result in enforcement by the police.


    These new rules will make a better environment for all of us and should ease our parking crunch this Spring. Please be safe over the holidays and we’ll be here to serve you in January.