Spring Self Care Clubs

  • Spring Self Care Clubs begin on Monday, February 7th. Students will select top three choices and be assigned  based on space availability. Students who complete this survey first, will receive preference. Students will receive an email with assigned self care club. 


    Click here to take survey.

Final Exams

  • Final Exams are scheduled for the week of January 10th. 

    Lunch is from 12:00-12:30pm for all students. Bus riders should prioritize lunch at 12:00pm then report straight to bus. 

    • Monday, January 10th
      • 7:55am-9:55am AVID Part 1 Final Exam
      • 10:00am – 12:00pm AVID Part 2 Final Exam
    • Tuesday, January 11th
      • 7:55am-9:55am B1 Final Exam
      • 10:00am – 12:00pm B3 Final Exam
    • Wednesday, January 12th
      • 7:55am-9:55am A1 Final Exam
      • 10:00am – 12:00pm A3 Final Exam
    • Thursday, January 13th
      • 7:55am-9:55am B2 Final Exam
      • 10:00am – 12:00pm B4 Final Exam
    • Friday, January 14th
      • 7:55am-9:55am A2 Final Exam
      • 10:00am – 12:00pm A4 Final Exam

    Final Examinations Regulations
    ♦ A student cannot retake a final exam to improve his/her grade.

    The HISD Code of Student Conduct indicates that it is a disciplinary infraction to cheat or copy another student's work in class. Therefore, students who are found to be cheating on their final exams should be given a zero on the exam. Present guidelines mandate the computation of the final examination grade into the final grade. If a student is found to be cheating on the final examination and given a zero, the zero will be averaged in as zero and will have a significant impact on the final grade in the course. This rule on cheating applies to all schoolwork. A student found cheating on any assignment or test will be given a zero.





    Students required to quarantine: 

    Please know teachers may not make arrangements to administer final exams before scheduled time. If you will miss your final exam, please communicate directly with your teachers for instructions. Teachers will enter a grade of "0" until your exam is made up. Once you return, you will make arrangements with your teacher to make it up. Please followup with Mrs. Square via teams if you have additional questions or concerns.

Most Recent Announcements

  • Reporting Symptoms, Test Results, or Exposure 

    Students, if you have information to report, you may 

    • Text 281-858-3302 (anytime)
    • Call 713-847-4809 (Mon-Fri 7am-4:30pm)

      Please have student stay home and immediately inform the school if the student has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, has been exposed to someone with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, or is presenting symptoms that are related to COVID-19. Please be sure to leave us with best phone number to text updates. 


      Students may visit www.houstonisd.org/EastOnline to stay up to date with assignments from teachers (if they feel well enough to do so.)


      Asynchronous Learning

      Please be advised that we recommend students enrolled in college classes to attend those classes. This is important for students to remain on track towards Associate Degree. As a result, our students are unable to take advantage of the opportunity presented by HISD's Temporary Online Program. East ECHS students should visit our Asynchronous Learning Page as well as Canvas (HCC) to remain up to date with classwork while at home.


      Students required to quarantine should work on asynchronous assignments if they are able to do so. Please click on each teacher's name below to access instructions for each class. Please be sure to attend virtual HCC classes to ensure you do not get behind with college classes. 


      If your teacher is "Speier, Mark" that is means that course is taught by an HCC professor. Students should log in to Canvas and keep up with all college work. 



Upcoming Events


Dual Credit Resources

  • Use of HCC Facilities - including before/after school hours
    It is important we maintini a postive/strong relationship with HCC. Please refrain from entering HCC Fraga and STEM buildings unless you have a class there. Currrently, we do not have any classes at STEM building. This means no East ECHS studentsn should be entering STEM building, unless attending tutorials. If you need any support, please be sure to reach out to Mrs. Square. 



    Please complete this survey so we may order your AVID shirt. Feedback to admin team is optional.



    Need a parking pass for HCC? Don't get ticketed! Follow the instructions below. Remember, parking passes are free so make sure to print your own. Using someone else's pass (they have individual QR codes) puts you at risk of getting a ticket. Send Mr. Walton a message via Teams chat if you have any questions.

    HCC Parking:

    Visit this website: https://www.hccs.edu/departments/police/hcc-police-services/parking-rules-and-regulations/


    1. Click the blue "obtain a permit or pay" option.
    2. Click the "Get Permits" option.
    3. Click the "HCC Login" option.
    4. Login using your HCC credentials.
    5. Agree to all the rules and regulations.
    6. Add your vehicle information.
    7. Click through the remaining pages and agree to the terms.
    8. You can now print your Permit.


    HCC Tutorials

    Students have the ability to connect with an HCC tutor. HCC Academic Success Center. Call 713-718-8184 or attend in person at STEM building. If students want to stay after school, they may attend in person or use computer to access virtual tutor. 


    Website: www.hccs.edu/alltutoring

    Please click here for the Fall 2021 tutoring schedule: www.hccs.edu/findatutor

    NEW! Register for our Fall workshops: www.hccs.edu/ASC-workshops


    WebEx access issue

    We are working with HISD's IT team to have the WebEx app downloaded to the laptops for all Early College High School students and any HISD students completing a dual credit class taught by an HCC instructor. We appreciate your patience throughout the past few weeks as we have worked with both institutions to identify a solution.


    Once we are notified students have access to this app, we will need upi  to go to https://hccs.webex.com and log in with your HCC credentials before an account is provisioned for you. Ultimately, you will need to log into this web site first, then your account will work in the app. We highly encourage students to use their HCC email with this account to avoid any access issues.


    Respondus LockDown Browser

    Please note that the current version of HCC's Respondus LockDown Browser (i.e., now is available in HISD's Software Center. Students will need to be on a HISD server to download the latest version of this testing.


    Accessing College Textbooks

    Send a Teams message to Kristi Palacios