Creating Parent Account

  • If you have not set up your HISD Connect Parent Portal account and do not have your access code, contact our school to obtain your student’s access ID by texting ‪(281) 858-3302.‬ ( or you may call 713-847-4809). We will ask a few security questions before proceeding.

    As a reminder, the HISD Connect Parent Portal is a tool to track information related to your student’s schedule, grades, attendance, academic history, and more. Visit following link for more info:


    If you haven’t created your HISD Connect Parent Portal account, use a web browser to access the HISD Connect Parent Portal at and complete the following steps:


    1. Select the tab to Create an Account.
    2. Click the Create Account button.


    Enter Parent Account Details:

    1. Your First Name
    2. Your Last Name
    3. Your Email Address
    4. Your Email Address again as the Username
    5. Note the password rules and enter your desired password.
    6. Re-enter the password. 


    Complete the Link Students to Account section (example information):

    1. Student Name: Adams, Jennifer G
    2. Access ID: ag1parent2898
    3. Access Password: parent
    4. Select your relationship with the student.

    Repeat steps 7-10 for all students you would like to link to your account and click enter.


    You will be re-directed to a new login screen where you will enter the login username and password created above.

    After setting up an account on a web browser, you will be able to use the login credentials you created to access your student’s profile on the PowerSchool Mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

    Please keep your username and password confidential so only you can access the information for your student.