Spring Final Exam Schedule

  • Please note, teachers must administer a final exam during the scheduled final exam date and time if the student is earning high school credit for the course. Please note, we will not have early dismissal for AVID like we did last semester. More information regarding AVID final exam to follow. 

    • A student cannot retake a final exam to improve his/her grade.
    • In HISD, a final examination will be required in all state and local credit courses, including PE and electives, except second semester seniors who qualify for an exemption.    

    Final Exam Schedule

    • AVID: TBD
    • May 25: B1/B3
    • May 26: A1/A3
    • May 30: B2/B4
    • May 31: A2/A4

Advanced Placement Course Policy

  • To qualify for this exemption, a student must sit for the corresponding college exam during the same semester of course enrollment, and have in the course an average of 85 or better, three (3) or fewer absences, and an “S” or better conduct average.

Final Exam Exemptions – All High School Courses

  • To incentivize the daily attendance rate, eligible grade 9 students may be allowed one spring final exam exemption; two spring final exam exemptions may be allowed for eligible 10the and 11th graders. Eligible students are those with no more than three (3) absences in any one course for the duration of the semester. In addition, eligible students must have an 85 or higher semester average in the specific course(s) where the final exam exemption is applied. 

    To be exempted from final examinations, second semester senior students must have:

    • Senior classification
    • 85 average or better in course
    • S or E conduct average
    • No more than three (3) total absences not including ADA exemptions.