Interested in Becoming a Class Officer?

  • We will be holding elections for five class officers for each grade level 9-11. 
    Elected Class Officers at East Early College HS play an integral role in the planning and facilitating a variety of events and activities on campus, including those that related to their designated class and those that promote overall school spirit.  Class officers, along with leaders in Student Council and other student clubs, have a responsibility to their peers and the school community at large.  

    This is a responsibility as well as an honor.  The position requires dedication and service to your school and classmates.  The position also allows you to develop your leadership and communication skills, network inside and outside of our building, and serve as a voice for the wishes of your classmates.  Many of the activities Class Officers help to organize are FUN -- including Field Day, Fall Festival, and senior activities, like Prom.  

    Once you have submitted this information and your teacher recommendations have been received, you will receive instructions regarding campaign videos and next steps.

    If you have any questions regarding the position before indicating your interest in running for a position, please contact Ms. Stephanie Calvert.  
    *Link coming soon
    Approved candidates will be placed on ballot for class elections. Top five candidates will serve as class officers. Officers will determine which position each officer holds (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster)
    Elections are held during 9th grade and 11th grade years. Since we did not hold elections last year, 10th graders are in need of class officers this year.