• April 19, 2021 Minutes

    Members Present

    • Mark Speier - L
    • Rafael Betancourt - M
    • Gabriela Luna - L
    • Meghan Rodriguez - S
    • Stephanie Square - S
    • Fred Daniels - 
    • Rosangella Espinoza - 

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    Spring 2021 Exam Schedule

    We have numerous exams to be administered during the 6th cycle which begins the first week in May. Click here to view Spring 2021 Exam Schedule for East ECHS Students. On exam dates below, non-testing students should remain at home and engage in asynchronous learning. Only testing students report to campus.

    • STAAR test dates
    • The following AP exam dates
      • AP U.S. Govt
      • AP World History
      • AP Spanish Language
      • AP Human Geography

    AP exams have different report times. Students testing after 8am may still report at 7:30am if they do not have a ride for later.

    We will follow a special schedule for all classes during HCC finals week (The week of May 10th) to allow 2 hours for each scheduled HCC final exam. 

    Below is our revised schedule we will follow during the week of May 10, 2021 to accomodate for HCC final exams. 

    hcc final















    High Schools –  Waiver  [VOTE]

    Below is the only waiver we plan to apply for this year. 

    Alternate Start/End Times

    The purpose of this waiver is to request alternate Start/Dismissal times for East Early College High School. Our bell schedule is required to align with Institute of Higher Education (IHE partner), Houston Community College so our students may take advantage of college level courses during each class period. As an Early College High School it is imperative that our school hours align with the times that Houston Community College Classes are offered at the Southeast Campus - Felix Fraga location so that our students can take courses that count both toward their Associate Degree and their High School Diploma. East ECHS will begin at 7:50 and end at 3:30 each day. Metric for success will be percentage of students taking dual credit and college coursework and decrease in number of students taking courses at other HCC campus.


    Staff Updates

    Please be advised one teacher has decided to pursue a unique opportunity to attend grad school and will not be returning next school year. Please do not share this information with students! Teacher would like to for this information to come directly from teacher at a later time.

    Next year, our seniors will be the first group to finish our new our sequence of CTE courses. We are adding a CTE teacher, please know CTE department is funding this position. Finally, the counselor position was intended to be filled this year but we had to make a change to effective date to next school year. We have extended an offer to an internal candidate. If you know any great candidates for English II and/or CTE/Math, please encourage them to apply. Click here to access link to apply to vacancies.

    We anticipate we will be able to announce new hires at our next SDMC meeting. 



    Next year master schedule

    This is a draft of next year's master schedule.  Once it is reviewed with SDMC, we will share with faculty. 


    Program of Study updates

    Please be advised next year seniors will be first completers of our CTE Program of Study. One major update for next year is juniors will have option for Level 3 course. 

    • Geology - Original/Standard Level 3 course
    • Chemistry - for students interested in pursuing AS degree 

    This required an adjustment to master schedule to close two sections of GEOL and open two CTE electives. 

    Junior level teachers will now have a common planning at B3 and all junior college courses will be taught by our professors with the exception of GOVT 2306!

    CELEBRATION!!! - Mr. Betancourt hired by HCC as a Chemistry Professor and our campus labs have been approved for use.

    Senior Events

    Please visit www.houstonisd.org/classof2021 and click on "Events." Remaining events include

    • May 13th Signing Day
    • May 14th HCC Graduation
    • May 21st Prom 
    • June 3rd Senior checkout
    • June 4th Car Parade
    • June 12th Commencement Exercises
      • Location changed to Dyer - Last year was at Barnett.

    Summer PD

    We have 11 teachers registered for AVID Digital XP. We also plan to have all Advanced Placement teachers attend Summer Institute (only required every two years)

    BILL 9 Math https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/math
    LAU 11 Math https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/math
    ISLAM    Math https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/math
    GEORGE 10 Early College, CTE, & Postsecondary https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/early-college-cte-postsecondary
    BETANCOURT 10/12 Science https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/science
    VINING 10 History/Social Science https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/history-social-science
    CALVERT 11/12 History/Social Science https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/history-social-science
    PAULOSKI 9 Cultivating Writing Schoolwide – Secondary https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/cultivating-writing-schoolwide-secondary
    MARQUINA 11/12 Cultivating Writing Schoolwide – Secondary https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/cultivating-writing-schoolwide-secondary
    LASSITER  Fostering an Equitable and Engaging Culture in Classrooms https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/fostering-an-equitable-and-engaging-culture-in-classrooms
    WALTON 10 Early College, CTE, & Postsecondary https://www.avidpl.org/sessions/early-college-cte-postsecondary

    Summer school info


    Next SDMC Meeting Focus

    Please be sure to review our most recent accountability data and be prepared to discuss goals and plans. Use links below to access most recent data.


    2020 Accountability Reports

    2020 College, Career, and Military Readiness

    Texas Academic Performance Report


    PREVIOUS School Accountability Update

    • Met Standard 99/100 Overall Performance
    • 4/7 Distinctions
    • Our PREVIOUS SIP focus was on increasing number of students who score at masters grade level
    • 20 points increase in masters grade level in Algebra I
    • 5 points increase in masters English I
    • 1 point decrease in masters Biology
    • 2 point decrease in masters in English II
    • 19 point increase in masters grade level in U.S. History

    SDMC Vacancies 

    Vacancies are listed below. PTO to identify new members. East ECHS faculty to begin nomination process. Voting to take place during May faculty meeting.


    First Name Last Name Title Email
    Mark Speier Professional Staff – Other School Based Professional mspeier@houstonisd.org
    Gabriela Luna Non-Instructional Staff gluna2@houstonisd.org
    Araceli Carrizales Parent celicarrizales02@gmail.com
    Rosangella Espinoza Parent rosaspns11@gmail.com
    Rafael Betancourt Teacher rbetanc1@houstonisd.org

    QUESTION FROM BETANCOURT - What is the process if I want to participate in the SDMC next year?

    Response - You will have to be nominated and voted in again.

    QUESTION FROM MS. ESPINOZA - same as betancourt but for parents.

    Response - 

    Role of SDMC

    An SDMC shall be established at each school to:

    • Assist the Principal
    • Advise the Principal

    The SDMC is exclusively an advisory role

    Approve staff development of a campus nature.

    The Principal has the final authority in fiduciary and financial decisions. The principal will be held accountable for compliance with all laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

    Responsibilities of SDMC

    History: The Houston Independent School District Board of Education established and approved the campus-level planning and decision making process in 1992. The process includes the creation and maintenance of a Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC) at each school to review goals, objectives, and programs.

    Reviewing and making recommendations regarding the school’s organizational structure

    Establishing procedures to periodically obtain broad based community, parent and staff input

    SDMC Survey

    ​Texas Education Code §11.252(d) requires that HISD Shared Decision-Making Committees (SDMCs) be surveyed every two years to evaluate the effectiveness of the district's decision-making and planning policies, procedures, and activities.  The process is designed to ensure that Shared Decision-Making Committees are effectively structured to positively impact student performance.

    The survey requests information on your role in the SDMC, the organization of the committee, the involvement of the committee in the school, and the results of the SDMC involvement in the school.  All responses will be kept anonymous. 

    Please complete the SDMC survey by May 21, 2021, using the link below or by copying and pasting the link in the URL address line in your browser:


    Committee members who do not have access to the Internet can receive a hard copy.  Please contact your campus main office for a hard copy of the survey.

     Thank you for your participation in this process

     Next meeting is scheduled for May 17, 2021.