• Art

  • Visual Arts: MPVA Magnet Program Audition Requirements:

    Auditions are held in-person. Please send all application correspondence to Magnet Coordinator, Natasha Maqsood at Natasha.Maqsood@houstonisd.org and Magnet Secretary, Valeria Diaz at valeria.diaz@houstonisd.org.


    Drawing Audition: Students will complete a timed drawing assessment of a Still Life. The drawing must be completed using a #2 pencil (only). Pencil and paper will be provided. The drawing should exhibit a full range of values. Students should not rely on contour line to define the edges of forms but use value contrast instead. Drawings should capture highlights, shadows, and cast shadows. Students are expected to follow instructions.

    • Still Life - a drawing of inanimate objects. The still life may consist of a variety of surface textures - smooth, rough, hard.


    Interview: The interview will consist of the following questions:

    • Introduction, current grade and school currently attending.
    • Explain why you want to pursue a position in the Meyerland PVA Visual Arts Program.
    • Tell us what kind of art you like to create?



    The portfolio should consist of:

    • Three traditional drawings or paintings (any dry/wet mediums)
    • 2Dimensional artwork
    • Artwork not to exceed16” x 18” on paper or canvas.
    • NO 3D art, Digital Art, Photography, Craft materials and anime/copyright cartoon characters. (Will not be reviewed)



    • Presentation -75
    • Drawing Skills -75
    • Follows Directions -75
    • Artwork Collection -75


    Contact: Visual Art Teachers

    Christina Gonzalez: cgutier6@houstonisd.org

    Courtney Adams: cadams6@houstonisd.org

    Keelin Burrows: keelin.burrows@houstonisd.org