• Art


    Audition Requirements:

    Students are to complete the following 2 drawings. Do not take more than one hour to complete each drawing. Drawing must be completed using a #2 pencil only and must fill one 8 1/2” x 11” paper.


    1. Drawing #1: Draw ALL the following items ALL on 1 sheet of paper.
      1. A tree 5 feet away
      2. A tree 50 feet away
      3. A tree 1 mile away
      4. 1 chair
      5. 3 flowers
    2. Drawing #2:
      1. Draw the animal skull.
      2. Do not trace the image.
      3. Do not add a background.
    Animal Skull


    Students will submit a 4-5-minute video by going to https://flipgrid.com/92c98487. You will need a Google email or Microsoft account to join.


    Include all the following:

    • Introduce yourself and include your first and last name, current grade and school.
    • Explain why you want to pursue a position in the Meyerland PVA Visual Arts Program.
    • List three personal traits that express what you can contribute to our program.
    • Tell us what kind of art you like to create?
      • Show up to 3 pieces of your own 2D art.o Select 2 of those pieces to talk further in depth about.
    • Show Drawing #1 and Drawing #2
      • Tell us which of the two you enjoyed doing the most and why. Be sure to hold up your artwork or lay it flat making sure we have a clear view of your artwork.



    Presentation -75

    Drawing Skills -75

    Follows Directions -75

    Artwork Collection -75



    Courney Adams: cadams6@houstonisd.org

    Tobi Arsham: tarsham@houstonisd.org

    Christina Gonzalez: cgutier6@houstonisd.org