• Mariachi

  • Mariachi: MPVA Magnet Audition Requirements:

    Inexperienced- Students with little or no experience will have to take the Music Aptitude test (MAMA) as per Meyerland requirements. Additionally, an interview is required. During the interview the student should let the director know if they already own an instrument and/or which instrument they have interest in learning.


    Experienced- Students with experience in violin, guitar, vihuela, guitarron, trumpet, or flute will be required to play a song of their choice (doesn’t have to be mariachi). Make sure to bring a hard copy for the director to follow along. After playing the song of their choice, students will be required to sight read a piece, chosen by the director. Sight reading will not affect whether the student gets into the program, but it will determine the level they are placed at. Finally, there will also be a quick interview.


    Contact: Eunice Bonilla eunice.bonillarivera@houstonisd.org