• Creative Writing

Creative Writing Audition Information

  • Audition Requirements:

    The online audition for Creative Writing is a portfolio consisting of the student’s response to a prompt for the persuasive essay and for the poem prompt. Your samples can either be typed or neatly written.


    Persuasive Essay

    Write an essay that states whether you think zoos are a good thing or a bad thing. Be sure to:

    • Clearly state your controlling idea/ thesis
    • Organize and develop your essay effectively
    • Choose your words carefully
    • Use correct grammar, mechanics, and spelling



    For the poem section of your audition writing sample, read the following poem by Anna Swir and the student sample by Julia Niece. Then write a poem in which you talk to your body.


    I TALK TO MY BODY by Anna Swir


    My body, you are an animal

    whose appropriate behavior

    is concentration and discipline.

    An effort

    of an athlete, of a saint, and of a yogi.


    Well trained

    you may become for me

    a gate

    through which I will leave myself

    and a gate throw which I will enter myself.

    A plumb line to the center of the earth

    and a cosmic ship to Jupiter.


    My body, you are an animal

    for whom ambition

    is right.

    Splendid possibilities

    are open to us.



    Student sample:


    I TALK TO MY BODY by Julia Niece


    My body, you are a tree

    whose branches

    are filled with wisdom.

    An old face

    of triumphs and hardships.



    you may seem to grow

    a leaf through which I will see light.

    A root the heart of the universe

    and a journey to streams of oceans.


    My body, you are a tree

    for whom bark

    is darkness concealed

    Open branches

    are here to climb



    1. 150 maximum points for the persuasive essay
    2. 150 maximum points for the poem


    Submission Deadlines:

    There is no live audition or interview. All audition materials must be submitted by your scheduled audition date and time. For phase 2, audition dates are 11/12/2020,  11/13/2020,  12/42020 and 12/5/2020.