• Dance

Dance Audition Information

  • Audition Requirements:

    Students must be preferably dressed in dance attire (female-leotard and black tights/leggings; male-black or white fitted t-shirt and black sweatpants/bottoms), so that their movement can be clearly seen and assessed. Students must also have on footwear (preferably ballet shoes or jazz shoes- black cotton socks can also substitute). ​ If you don't currently have dance attire, just wear something you can move in, black in color (leggings, fitted t-shirt, etc.-nothing loose, baggy or with distracting designs).  

    The audition is in a dance class format, and will consist of a Center Ballet Barre, a check for flexibility and locomotor/non-lopcomotor movement skills, and short multi-dance technique combination.  Students will be observed for Dance class etiquette, and their ability to follow and implement corrections given; there is no requirement for a pre-planned/choreographed solo performance.  



    Students will be assessed in the following categories and corresponding highest scores, for a total of 300 points

    • Movement Sightreading-50
    • Coordination-50
    • Flexibility-50
    • Technique-50
    • Performance-100



    Chadwick Peters, Dance Director/Fine Arts Chair: cpeters4@houstonisd.org