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  • We look to teach a diversity of art to a diverse group of students with different levels of artistic talent. The diversity of talent among our students brings out a competitive spirit while teaching them how to successfully develop and communicate their arts. They learn to critique…not criticize.
    Our fine arts class focuses on the student as a young artist. Topics include: Introduction to interpretation, compositional fundamentals, different media, color and stylization, illustration projects, visual communication, color theory, sketchbook drawing, and portfolio development.
    The students start with the basics. An in-depth understanding of the art elements and art principles are mandatory. These, in a sense, are the alphabet of the students’ artistic and visual vocabulary. Artistic skills are essential, and the student will develop not only fluency but insight into how people perceive art. We begin to train the eye to really look at what you see, not what you think you see.We train the eye to look at the world in shapes and color and to cultivate the skills needed to express those ideas. We offer an encounter with the arts of past ages as well as the present.
    The students are provided with an opportunity to expand their understanding of putting images together, as well as, conveying a message effectively. We challenge our students to carry out their ideas, which spark the imagination and creativity that are in them. We believe that every student can learn art and will achieve to his or her fullest potential.

Art Faculty

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