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  • Welcome to the award winning MPVA Orchestra program!  The Meyerland Orchestra is comprised of four levels of orchestra as well as a beginning strings class and chamber music.  Orchestra members are required to attend all outside rehearsals and concerts for their group.


    Beginning Strings

    Students need no prior training in orchestra.  The focus of this class is on fundamentals of string playing.  By the end of the first year, students will have an understanding of the techniques of playing and reading music on their chosen instrument – Violin, Viola, Cello, or Double Bass.


    String Ensemble & Concert Orchestra

    The students in the String Ensemble and Concert Orchestra will focus on strengthening the fundamentals of string playing including posture, understanding music notation, tone development, ensemble skills and fluency in first position.  At least one year of previous experience is required for these intermediate level groups.



    The Philharmonic is an advanced orchestra that builds on these skills and includes shifting and vibrato.  Emphasis is placed on artistic interpretation of music, ensemble skills, and the rehearsal process.  This is the UIL Non-Varsity group, and will be expected to come to rehearsals having prepared their music outside of class. 



    The Sinfonia Orchestra is an extraordinarily high performing group that has a consistent record of earning sweepstakes at UIL and has earned national recognition.  They have been named a national winner in the Mark of Excellence National Orchestra Honors, and have been a finalist several times for the TMEA Honor String Orchestra.  The Sinfonia was recently invited to perform in New York’s world famous Carnegie Hall.  There is a significant commitment required of students in this group with 7-10 performances per year.


    Chamber Music

    Chamber is open only to advanced students who have room in their schedule for a second orchestra period.  The time is used in small groups, music theory, listening, as well as individual practice leading to Region Orchestra and high school auditions.


Orchestra Faculty

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