• Dance

  • Meyerland PVA Dance Department 

    Dress Code/Supplies


    Leotard: black princess cut with camisole straps-only

    Tights: pink or skin (ballet); black (modern/contemporary/jazz) - all tights must be convertible/transitional-no footed tights or hose

    Ballet:  Nude or pink split sole ballet shoes-only

    Modern/Contemporary: Barefoot, nude “foot undies”

    Jazz: Nude and Black Capezio Fission or Freeform split-sole shoes are required for jazz classes  

    Hair: If long, it must be pulled back into a ponytail and pinned securely away from the dancer's face and neck. If short, it too must be tied or pinned back. Bangs, hanging or loose curly hair styles are not allowed. As dancers are learning movement, hair should not be a hinderance to their being able to move freely without distraction.

    Nails:  Should be kept neat and clipped---no long nails or nail art is acceptable in the dance classroom, as it is dangerous and distracting.



    Top: white or black fitted t-shirt

    Bottom: fitted black sweats (w/elastic at the ankle so can be rolled up) or boys’ thick black tights/leggings

    Ballet Classes: Black or flesh color split sole ballet shoes-only

    Modern/Contemporary classes: Barefoot or modern foot-thong

    Jazz classes: Black Capezio Fizzion Jazz shoes are required for jazz classes 

    Dance belts: thong back, full seat or compression short--are required and must be worn in all classes and rehearsals 


    The following items ARE NOT permitted in class or changing rooms: 

    Loose sweatpants, plastic pants, athletic shorts, big shirts, headscarves/bandanas, and jewelry are not allowed. No food, drinks, candy, or chewing gum in the dance room.

    Water bottles are allowed.

    As a reminder, dancewear should be washed daily, after classes, and proper hygiene is expected in the dance learning environment   Undergarments must be neatly concealed under dance clothes (brassiere straps must be pinned to leotards)-no visible undergarments!


    All students are also required to purchase a composition notebook (not spiral), assigned color pronged folder with pocket, as well as recommended to purchase a Theraband to enhance stretch/Pilates instruction.


    You may get your dancewear from your choice of store,  but it must be the styles as listed in the dress code, as well as from discountdance.com by clicking the link and inputting the code for the dress code list for Meyerland PVA, #TP39609: 



    Advanced Dance Workshop and Master Classes: These classes occur at different scheduled days and times throughout the year, participation is based on class performance/behavior, and is by invitation/permission only.  This class will cover various techniques, as well as expose the pre-professional dancer to workshops by local and national dance artists.  Given permission by Mr. Peters, students may dress accordingly and personally for the type of class.