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Guitar Audition Information

  • Guitar: MPVA Magnet Program Audition Requirements:

    Beginner: Beginner guitar students will be expected to pass an interview and small class audition.  No experience is needed. All audition material will be taught during the short classroom interview.

    Intermediate or Advanced level guitar:

    Scales – C, G, D  

    The student may be asked to play other scales they know as well.

    Sight Reading – Strings 1-4

    The student will be asked to demonstrate strings 5,6 and other positions on the fretboard if known. 

    Prepared piece –The student will be asked to perform a piece of music from classical repertoire or something they learned from written music.  


    • Scoring Rubric:
    • Performance: 100
    • Sight Reading: 100
    • Technique: 100


    Contact: Daniel Flutur daniel.flutur@houstonisd.org