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    It would be difficult to overstate the influence the guitar has had on our entire world and certainly pop culture. From the middle of the 20th century to the 21st  century, the guitar has demonstrated its versatility, expressiveness, and appeal. The guitar’s blend of general affordability and playability has made the instrument a common staple among households worldwide.


    In the guitar program at Meyerland PVA, we emphasize access to various styles, including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Mariachi, and Rock. Regardless of style, we focus on guitar fundamentals, technique, reading notation, rhythmic accompaniment, solo performance, and ensemble participation. Our program is progressive and supports students’ various levels of accomplishment. Through a yearly audition process, students enter the program and continue through the described course according to their current level.




    Beginner Level Guitar

    This course prioritizes a 21st century curriculum that is classically based. Students focus on tone production, ensemble participation, and fingerstyle techniques. Through performing together as an ensemble, students will learn to read music. An innovative approach is used to introduce music notation reading as part of a daily ensemble routine that is musical, intuitive, and rewarding.



    Intermediate Level Guitar

    Students at the intermediate level continue their exploration of the instrument and build on the foundations gained at the beginner level. At the intermediate level, students develop a deeper understanding of musicianship and its relationship to cultivating excellence in guitar performance. Through ensemble performance, students build their knowledge of the fingerboard and its relationship to melody and harmony. The intermediate guitarist will also explore classical guitar solo performance, as well as other styles of music most notably Blues and Jazz.



    Advanced Level Guitar

    Students at the advance level will learn to play ensemble music that is increasingly more expressive, dynamic, and rhythmically complex. Students will begin serious pursuit of classical solo guitar works, as well as survey other popular styles such as Jazz, Blues, Mariachi, and Rock. Through teaching a diverse survey of styles along with expanded flat pick technique, students will gain the knowledge to relate classical technique and ensemble performance to any other style of guitar music. Our advanced level guitar program provides students with the skills and preparation to enter competitive High School music programs, as well as the knowledge to advance in guitar beyond the scope of this program.



Guitar Faculty

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