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    Fit for $40: Lose weight and earn cash

    HISD encourages all employees to join Fit for $40, the new weight loss challenge launching in January 2022. Get ready to return from winter break and lose those extra pounds and be rewarded with cash! Added prizes will be available if you form a team of five and all achieve your weight-loss goals. This is an opportunity to get back on track for better health. HISD Benefits will share other wellness activities so you will have additional opportunities to get and stay healthy. 

    Starting Jan. 11, 2022, HISD and HealthyWage are hosting two weight-loss challenges that come with possible rewards of $40 each in cash prizes or more. From January through April, participants who lose at least 2% of their body weight per challenge period could see two $40 cash prizes added to their paycheck for a total of $80—and more if they join a team and their team meets certain milestones for each challenge.

    Here’s how it works.

    • Sign up at HealthyWage
    • Complete initial weigh-in starting Jan. 11 and continuing through Jan. 18, 2022
    • Work toward a weight-loss goal of 2% of your weight Jan. 11–Feb. 19.
    • Weigh-out at the end of the first challenge Feb. 12–19, 2022
    • Upload your weigh-out video to the HealthyWage site or use the mobile app
    • Work toward a second weight-loss goal of 2% of your weight Feb. 21–April 1.
    • Weigh out at the end of the second challenge March 26–April 1, 2022
    • Upload your weigh-out video to the HealthyWage site or use the mobile app

    If you reach or surpass the challenge goals, you will earn $40 extra on your paycheck for each challenge. If you miss your goal during the first challenge, you can try again during the second challenge.

    To encourage team weight-loss efforts, participants on a team of five who all achieve their weight loss goals will receive an additional $20 bonus for each team member during each challenge. Additionally, successful teams will be placed in a drawing to receive one of five $5,000 prize awards ($1,000 for each team member).

    The HISD HealthyWage Challenge website is open for registration at the link above, so get ready! If you want to be part of a team, organize your team of five now. The first 500 registrants will receive a free scale.

    HealthyWage Challenge Rules.
    These rules are incorporated into and incorporate the Services Agreement, to which all participants must agree in order to register and participate. These challenges are for HISD employees ONLY.
    Important Dates 2022
    Challenge 1
    Jan. 11- Feb. 19, 2022
    Challenge 1 weigh-in window: Jan. 11-18, 2022
    Challenge 1 weigh-out window: Feb. 12-19, 2022
    Challenge 2
    February 21- April 1, 2022
    Challenge 2 weigh-in window: Feb. 21-28, 2022
    Challenge 2 weigh-out window: March 26-April 1, 2022
    Additional details:

    • Cash prizes for participants who achieve a 2% weight loss
    • Additional team prizes if everyone on your team loses weight
    • Every participant who achieves or exceeds a 2% average weight loss in their verified weigh-out at the end of each challenge wins $40 or $80 total if successful with both challenges.
    • Participants on a team of five, and the entire team achieves their weight loss goal, will receive an additional $20 team bonus EACH during each challenge.
    • Successful teams will also be placed in a drawing to receive one of five $5,000 prize awards ($1,000 each) that will also be paid as a wellness prize.

    How weight verifications work:

    • Weight verifications will be completed twice, once at the start and once at the end of each challenge. Participants will confidentially report their weight through the HealthyWage mobile app’s video-verification feature.
    • Weigh-in unofficially once a week. To keep you on track and ensure everyone knows where they stand, HealthyWage asks that you weigh yourself once a week. Step on your own scale and enter it on the HealthyWage website (there's a big green “add weight” button on your page when you're signed into the website). These weigh-ins do not need to be verified. All other participants need to know where they stand in the challenge, so it's important for everyone to keep up with weigh-ins. Accurate weekly weigh-ins make the challenge more fun and competitive for everyone.

    Payment of prizes:
    HISD will pay all prizes directly to participants through their HISD paychecks. Prize payments may take up to one month to process after you win the challenge.
    For employees who are unable to participate:
    If it is medically inadvisable for you to participate in the weight-loss challenge, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means (a reasonable alternative standard). Please email Denise.Crandon@HoustonISD.org.
    Other things to keep in mind:

    • Any behavior that other reasonable persons in the challenge would consider unfair, unethical, or inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of the challenge is against the rules.
    • No yo-yoing between challenges. If you win the first challenge, your starting weight for the second challenge needs to be at or below your ending weight from the first challenge. For instance, if you finish one challenge at 200 pounds, you should start the second challenge at 200 or below. 

    Verified weigh-in instructions:

    • You must get your weight verified twice for each challenge, once at the beginning (verified weigh-in) and once at the end (verified weigh-out). We will alert you by email and on your challenge dashboard when your weigh-in and weigh-out periods are opening and closing.
    • Getting your weight verified is easy!

    Option One [RECOMMENDED]: Use Our Mobile App.
    This is our most popular option and also the easiest, and you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

    • Takes about 30 seconds
    • Totally private and secure
    • Step on a scale in your own home.
    • On-screen instructions will guide you through the steps.
    • Upload your video and our referees will review your results
    • We have apps for iOS and Android.

    Option Two: Video Verification

    • You can make your video with a partner (fun!) or even do it by yourself using a full-length mirror. Once done, just upload it to your challenge dashboard and that's it! You're done. You can use your phone or a camera, whichever is easier for you. The HealthyWage website is mobile-friendly, so uploading from your phone can be done quickly and easily.
    • Film your short video (either yourself or with a partner recording you).
    • Log in to HealthyWage and upload the file through your dashboard. 

    Watch this instructional video and you'll see just how easy this method can be.
    See the complete list of required video shots for detailed instructions on this and a demonstration of the self-video method. Also, please note that shooting the video with the HealthyWage App makes this process even easier.

    Additional verification rules:

    • Make sure your verification is accurate and honest.
    • Make your best effort to ensure that your verified weigh-in has been measured and reported truthfully and accurately.
    • Additional proof: As part of their verified weight audits, HealthyWage occasionally requests that some (very few) participants get a second, confirmational weigh-in by a HealthyWage-selected person or method, which they arrange at their expense. You must cooperate with HealthyWage winners-department crew members if they request an additional verification or any other assistance in verifying the truth and accuracy of your weight loss. Differences of more than a few pounds between a participant's verified weight as reported by a verifier selected by the participant, on the one hand, and the same participant's verified weight as reported by a verifier selected by HealthyWage, on the other hand, may result in disqualification.
    • You should also keep on hand a set of full-body before-and-after photos. You do not need to submit the photo(s) to HealthyWage unless we request them. 

    Be responsible for your verification. Your verification may not be valid if:

    • HealthyWage does not receive your verification within 72 hours after it was performed.
    • Your verification does not take place within the specified verification period of your challenge.
    • HealthyWage is not able to locate your verifier or confirm your verification with your verifier.
    • Your verifier indicates that he/she did not personally take your weight and height measurements.
    • Your verifier refuses, upon HealthyWage's request, to provide a sworn statement about the verifications, or other request made by HealthyWage.

    General rules:

    • Lose 2% weight loss within each 40-day challenge and receive $40 each or $80 total if you are successful with both challenges. Additionally, participants who join a team of five, and the entire team achieves their weight loss goal, will receive an additional $20 team bonus per team member during each challenge. So, if you are on a team where each participant loses 2%, you will win $80 for each challenge and $160 total if your entire team hits the 2% weight loss twice. The successful teams will also be placed in a drawing to receive one of five $5,000 prize awards ($1,000 each) that will also be paid as a prize.
    • Don't cheat or commit fraud. Doing unhealthy things in order to “game” the challenge is prohibited, including but not limited to deliberate weight gain (before, during, or after a HealthyWage challenge), starvation (defined as eating fewer calories each day than your doctor recommends), excessive exercise (defined as exercise that exceeds your doctor’s recommended amount of exercise in terms of type, frequency, and duration), water deprivation, unusual water consumption, self-induced vomiting, diuretics, laxatives, or any weight-loss or weight-gain plan that doctor does or would advise against, or that in HealthyWage’s sole and exclusive discretion, would be considered unhealthy or unfair by an ordinary person.
    • Be nice, please! Harassment of any kind, whether of your own teammates or other teams or non-participants is prohibited. You are encouraged to support your teammates, but you agree that unwelcome emotional, physical, or other abuse is absolutely forbidden. Harassment shall also include any words or actions that, in HealthyWage’s sole and exclusive discretion, would be likely to cause any of your teammates or any other person to feel pressured to do any of the unhealthy things defined above.
    • Don't do anything illegal.

    Visit HealthyWage for upcoming events.