Unexcused Absence

  • If an absence does not meet the criteria for an excused absence or one of the extenuating circumstances specified in Board policy, the absence will be considered unexcused for attendance accounting purposes. Examples of unexcused student absences include but are not limited to the following reasons:

      1. Any "excused" absence (including personal illness) without required documentation;
      2. Failure to bring required doctor's note (after the student has been placed on "Doctor's Note Required" for excessive absences for personal illness);
      3. Non-school sponsored activities (both athletic and non-athletic activities/competitions);
      4. Family illness (non-emergency);
      5. Death other than immediate family (as defined under EXCUSED ABSENCES at item #2);
      6. Family trip/vacation;
      7. Welfare and WIC visit;
      8. College visit (beyond limit; without appropriate verification and approval);
      9. Student's application for U.S. citizenship or obtaining a Visa without documentation requiring appearance and proof of attendance;
      10. Private lessons, tutoring, counseling, and other services;
      11. Religious retreat or other church-related events other than a religious holy day of obligation;
      12. Runaway;
      13. Truancy; 
      14. Driver's license-related visit (beyond limit and/or without required documentation);
      15. Student's application for Passport. 
      16. Transportation Issues.(Excludes HISD bus Transportation)