• Texas Cultures

    Unit Overview:  This unit will examine the diversity of Texas cultures. Texas has been a state of many cultures due to migration and immigration. Who were these people from the past and in what ways did they influences our society then and today?  The Story of Texas continues today in each one of us and the cultural traits we bring to this state.  Students will research and present a cultural group in Texas and their history and significance to this state. The student will create their own oral history and cultural artifact that best represent their cultural contribution to their community. And lastly, the student will present a significant Texan individual and their contributions to Texas.

                Learning objective:

    ·       Develop research and presentation skills

    ·       Understand the concept of culture

    ·        Explain the significant contribution of different

             culture groups and individuals in Texas

    ·         Conduct an oral history of their culture

    ·          Able to work in collaborating groups  

    Files:  Texas Culture Project   Oral History Instructions   Oral History    Oral History Interview 

    The primary source of class assignments, homework, and tests are the daily classroom agenda. This website is considered a secondary source of information. 

    Texas Culture assignments

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    • African American activity
    • African American handout
    • Chinese activity
    • Chinese reading handout
    • Filipino activity
    • Filipino reading
    • German acitivty
    • German reading
    • Japanese activity
    • Japanese reading
    • Oral History Checklist
    • Oral history handouts
    • Oral History Instructions
    • Tejano Activity
    • Tejano reading
    • Texas Heritage Chapter27
    • Texas History oral history assignment