•                                                                            Texas Pre-Revolution  

    Unit overview:

    This Unit examines the concept of revolution and its’ causes.  Students will learn about the causes and the significance of major events/people before the Texas Revolution. The students will be able to identify the main causes of revolutions and discuss real life solutions then and today. Social studies skills including expository writing and analyzing primary and secondary sources for significance.

    Learning objective:

    ·       Discuss and problem solve the issues before the Texas Revolution

    ·       Analyze primary and secondary sources for significance

    ·       Identify major causes for the Texas Revolution

    ·       Make generalization statements about the concept of revolutions

    ·       Improve writing expository essays

    This is the tentative schedule for the next units:  changes will be announced in the classroom if needed. Please check daily planner for updates in assignments, projects, homework and tests.

    The primary source of class assignments, homework, and tests are the daily classroom agenda. This website is considered a secondary source of information. Calendar below for details:

    Week of




    Feb. 2nd


    Snapshots, Nation project instructions

    Homework: Houston's Inaugural address 1836:    on schoology   Due: Feb. 9th

    Pre-revolution –Constitution 1824

    Nation project

    Feb. 9th

    Video notes: Stephen F. Austin

    Homework: Austin’s animal drawing: Project grade due: Feb. 16th

    Pre-revolution=Growing Apart-Fredonian Rebellion

    Schoology Quiz: online-next class period 

    Nation project

    Computer lab: complete Schoology quiz and assignment: submit during class:

    Complete paper handout: turn in next class period  Critical : Cause and effect

    Feb. 16th

    Presentations: Austin’s animal drawing

    Pre-revolution-Austin's letter

    Nation project  

     Quiz: Monday Feb. 23rd


    discussion groups

    Nation project

    Feb. 23rd


    Lamar's Nationalism Policies

     Nation Project

    Wed: Early Dismissal

    Texas Annexation reading

    Nation project: Release the Kraken!!

    March 2nd

    U.S Mexican War 1846-1848

    What make a nation a nation essay? 

    Concept map for Nation project:

    State of the Union address: Due: next Monday
    Nation Time 

    American Progress 1872

    Manifest Destiny
    Nation Time: Project:
    Nation Project Due:  March 12-13 

    Note:  There will be an essay assignment for this unit:  Details later on Turnitin