• Native Americans of Texas 

    Upon seeing the disaster we had suffered, our misery and distress, the Indians sat down with us and all began to weep out of compassion for our misfortune, and for more than half an hour they wept so loud and so sincerely that it could be heard far away.

    ~Cabeza de Vaca 1528~ 

    "...I will punish any man who does injustice to the Indians," he wrote in 1843. "I have known them from my boyhood. They are a brave, honest, upright people."               Sam Houston 

                "the Karankawas are gone. Only bitter memories of them remain. In the minds of our people, they are eternally damned, largely because they refused a culture we offered, resisting our proffered blessing to the last"   Roy Bedichek
                                                             Unit Overview:
    This Unit uses the conceptual lens of culture to examine the lifestyle and varied cultural characteristics of Native American tribes before the migration of Europeans to Texas. The connections between cultural attributes and geographical factors among the tribes will be examined as well.
                                                             Learning objective:

         Explain how geography affects cultures?

         Describe the ways tribes in Texas similar and different?

         Identify the social, economical, political, and cultural aspects of these tribes?

         Analyze the influences and impact of Native American culture today?

         Evaluate the relationships of tribes with each other and Europeans?

          Analyze primary sources in an effective manner

         Develop critical thinking questioning skills

      The primary source of class assignments, homework, and tests are the daily classroom agenda. This website is considered a secondary source of information.

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