• The primary source for class assignments, projects, homework, and scheduled tests are the students' daily planner.  Please check the class spiral for daily classwork as well. The primary source is you, the student.  Please ask questions for clarifications.  This website is considered a secondary source of information.   

    The calendar may have attached files for homework and other resources.  Please check the website for assignments and resources that may be use for this unit. turnitin are additional online resources tools for my class.    Create an account for these tools.   (check with me for account ID's and password)

    Empresario Unit Files

    • All
    • Bio poem and animal
    • Cooperative Learning rubric
    • Economy and History Austin 3
    • Empresario grant map
    • Empresario project files
    • Empresario vocabulary terms
    • Family daily log
    • Frontier Diseases
    • Life in Austin Colony investments
    • Political cartoon rubric
    • Populating a colony
    • Poster old 300 ad
    • Primary source JEB
    • Texas Map and graph
    • Vara and Acres
    • Wagon West List
    Schedule: subject to change: Primary source is today’s agenda and planner
    Spiral grades as Homework and class work grade:>>>
    go to Empresario resource page for handouts and assignment copies: