•                       Texas State Symbols

    Unit Overview:

                This unit will examines over fifty state symbols that represent Texas. A research-based unit, students will develop research skills, understand symbolism from concrete to abstract elements that best describes Texas, and practice their presentation skills. The students will also understand more about their learning styles through Gardner’s multi-intelligence survey. Lessons about plagiarism and identifying economical, social, political, environmental, and cultural aspects are supportive learning sections for this unit.
    Learning objectives:
    • ·    Summarize a reading 
    • ·        Classify data into broad categories economical, social, political, environmental, and cultural aspects.
    • ·        Analyzed relationships between symbols and Texas-Texas State Symbols
    •       draw a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning
    • ·        Develop presentation skills 
                    Texas Spiral click file>>>>Texas State Symbol Spiral
    Texas State Symbol Project due date: Oct. 3rd, 2016
                   click file to open and save>>>>>Texas state symbol project 
                       Resource for unit::     http://www.netstate.com/states/symb/tx_symb.htm   

    Week of




    Sept. 19th

    New Unit: Texas State Symbol   Page 1-2

    Learning objective essay review

    Peer review-essay

    Instructions for project

    Due: Oct. 3rd 


    Sept. 21st early dismissal schedule:

    School wide assembly

    State Symbol Presentation\Project Due  Oct 3rd

    Quiz: Monday

    Page 3

    Page 4-categories

    Plagiarism notes

    Peer review Due: Oct. 1

    Spiral: Sept. 29-30

    Sept. 26th


    Presentations rubric

    Learning essay: Due: Sept. 29-30


    Page 5

    Questioning skills

    Research time

    Update spiral-categories

    Collect learning objective essay

    Spiral Due:


    Oct. 3rd

    State Symbol Presentation\Project Due


    New Unit: