• Spanish Texas 1519-1821


     for I believe that if you begin, in a little while you will achieve the conversion of a great number of peoples to our holy faith, with the acquisition of great lordships and riches and all their inhabitants for Spain. For without doubt there is a very great amount of gold in these lands…. ~Christopher Columbus 1492~

    Sepulveda (1490-1573) "It is with perfect right that the Spanish dominate these barbarians of the New World . . . who are so inferior to the Spanish in prudence, in telligence, virtue, and humanity, as children are to adults, as women to men, that I am tempted to say that there is between us both as much difference as between . . . monkeys and men."

    God has made the Indians without malice or duplicity. They are humble, patient, peaceful, and calm, without hate and the desire for revenge. They are likewise the most delicate people.  ~Short Report of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de Las Casas 1542~

    All over the land are vast and handsome pastures, with good grass for cattle, and it strikes me the soil would be very fertile were the country inhabited and improved by reasonable people.   Cabeza de Vaca 1528

    We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure.   1519 Hernan Cortez

    The Seven Cities are seven little villages, all having the kind of houses I have described. They are all within a radius of five leagues. They are all called the kingdom of Cevola, and each has its own name and no single    Francisco Coronado
    Unit Overview:

    Students will examine the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Using images, primary source documents and historical interpretations; students will understand that historical interpretation changes in response to the time in which it is written.The reasons for Spanish conquest and the effects of their explorations, encounters and exchange with the native populations in America will be a main focus point for this unit.  Students will focus on the Spanish as one of the first colonial powers in Texas and the New World.  Attention will be given to the settlement of Texas from the European conquests. Students will improve their expository writing skills and developing feasible thesis statements.


    Learning objectives:

    ·         developing and writing an effective thesis

    ·         improving expository writing and conclusion development

    ·         understanding the motives of Spanish explorations

    ·         The effects of Spanish explorations, encounters, and exchange with Natives

    ·         Analyzing primary and secondary sources

    ·         Writing generalization statements from facts

    ·         Inferring  Spanish influences in Texas today

    ·         Analyzing visual forms effectively for historical perspectives
    The primary source of class assignments, homework, and tests are the daily classroom agenda. This website is considered a secondary source of information.   
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