•                       Texas Geography   Unit Overview

    Being a Geographer: Texas Geography

    This Unit looks at Texas through the concept of region.  Students will explore the basic physical and human geography of Texas including a focus on Texas regions.  It includes a review of basic map, chart, and graph skills. Understanding and applying the 5 themes of geography to Texas and it's regions: A review of effective note-taking strategies and developing questioning strategies are two supportive skills for this unit.  

    Learning objectives:

    ¨       Apply the five themes of geography to Texas

    ¨      Practice effective note-taking strategies

    ¨      Compare and contrast the 4 regions of Texas

    ¨      Develop, use, and write different level of critical thinking questions

    ¨      Distinguish Texas Geography into distinctive categories using ESPN


    Primary source of information: Students' planner and History spiral: This website is considered a secondary source: 
  • click file>>>>>Texas Geography Spiral
       Independent Projects for selected students only:  click files for details
    Tentative schedule: Primary source is student's  planner 

    Week of




    Aug. 22nd


    HW: write a summary of expectations: sign by parent: due next class period:

    ·        Texas by the number

    ·        Texas facts-category

    ·        Review\Homework

    ·        Bring materials

    ·        Notes on note-taking

    ·        HW: bring article about Texas-Due: Tues-Wed

    Aug. 29th

    • Page 1-Texas Geography
    • Page 2-Texas geo-video
    • Draw political\physical map
    • Quiz: Thurs-Fri

    ·        Page 3-Location

    ·        3 examples in Texas

    ·        Quiz: Thurs-Fri

    ·        Questioning skills

    ·        Check homework: ESPN


    ·        Quiz

    ·        Page 4-Place

    ·        Describe your community Quiz

    ·        Page 5 Movement

    ·        Family immigration story

    Sept. 5th

    Labor Day

    ·        Test\Spiral due: Sept. 15-16

     5 themes 4 Regions

    ·        Page 5 Movement-continue

    ·        Family immigration story Page 6-compare\contrast


    ·        Page 7 HEI theme

    ·        5 examples from Houston HW: Learning objective essay-Due: Monday

    ·        Test\Spiral due: Sept. 15-16

    Sept. 12th

    Update spiral-test review

    Review and collect HW

    ·        Texas town puzzle

    ·        Apply themes to Texas w\pamphlets

    ·        Texas Geography Test

    ·        Spiral due: 2-grades


Texas Geography