• Schedule:  Manifest Destiny\\   U.S. Mexican War 1846-1848  
    Link to Texas notebook file: >>>>>>>>Texas Spiral Notebook 
    March 23  
    Page 1-New Table of Contents 
    Page 2-Manifest Destiny art analysis        
    Homework: Manifest Destiny Blog responses on Schoology: Due: March 30th  
    March 24-25
    Page 3-John Sullivan's Manifest Destiny article
    Page 4-Prelude to War
    March 26-27             
    Page 5-U.S Mexican War: Political and social aspects   April 9-10 Unit Test 
    Spiral Due: April 9-10 



    March 30-31
    Page 6-Military aspects  Homework: Prepare for discussion questions:
    Resource and questions on Schoology: and this file: War with Mexico question prompt

    April 1-2 Page 7-Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo    Page 8-Aftermath of War Preparation for discussion groups: research


    April 3-no school

    Discussion prompts preparation due next week  

    April 6: Prepare discussion groups and questions: Classwork grade

    Homework: Learning objective essay:

    April 7-8        finish page 6:

    page 7
    Homework: questions and notes: due next class period 
    April 9-10
    Discussion groups: page 8-9 in spiral
    Test and Spiral: April 14-15 

American Progress 1872

  • Manifest Destingy American Progress by John Gast 1872
  • Texas and U.S. Mexican War

    • All
    • creating a memorial
    • GR 14-2 and Treaty
    • John Sullivan
    • John Sullivan 1839
    • John Sullivan 1845
    • Lincoln spot resolution
    • Los Ninos lesson
    • Manifest Destiny Portfolio
    • Power of perspective
    • Songs of war worksheet
    • Then and now
    • Treaty of Guadulupe Hildago
    • Two views on Texas
    • U.S. Mexican War portfolio
    • Wilmot Proviso