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    Main topics and issues


    What were the political issues between the North and South? Which side was politically justified for the conflict? Why?


    Describe the economical system between the North and South. State the type of system and why it was a benefit to the country.  How did taxes play a role in the cause of this war?


    Who had better military leadership?  Describe some significant battles for your side and why?


    What were the social\cultural differences between the North and the South?  Which society was better?  Why?

    Procedures:  14 minutes each team=total 28-30 minutes: team allowed 2 minutes total for team referral and preparation between each round

    1. Opening statement                        3 minutes-state the conditions and main topics\issues
    2. Affirmative statements                 5 minutes-give evidence and persuasion of your POV
    3. Negative statements                     3 minutes-state reasons and evidence against the opponent
    4. Defend\closing statement           3 minutes-defend and rebuttal of your opponents statements

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