• Texas and Empresarios

    My ambition has been to succeed in redeeming Texas from its wilderness state by means of the plough alone, in spreading over it North American population, enterprise and intelligence, in doing this I hoped to make the fortunes of thousands and my own amongst the rest. . . . I think I derived more satisfaction from the view of flourishing farms springing up in this wilderness than military or political chieftains do from the retrospect of their victorious campaigns. My object is to build up, for the present as well as for future generations. . . . I deemed the object laudible and honorable and worthy the attention of honorable men. ~Stephen F. Austin 1831

    Let us see, now; the spirit is uncomfortable, it commands me to set it free, and it is necessary to obey. Here is the end of human glory and the termination of ambition. ¿En qué parará Texas? En lo que Dios quiera. ["What is to become of Texas? Whatever God wills"]        ~Manuel Mier Y Teran July 2-1832
                                          Unit overview:  

    This unit focuses on the Anglo-American settlements in frontier Mexico during the 1820's. The Empresarios was a Spanish immigration plan to populate Tejas for Mexico.  The students will explore, experience, and examine the process of becoming Mexican citizens and living in frontier Tejas during this time period. Decision-making, problem-solving and group interactions are the major activities for this unit as each group unit will attempt to become successful empresarios, families and or government.


    Learning objectives: You will have to figure it out on your own.
    Questions to ponder: 
    What were the roles between the Mexican government and the new colonists from America?
    To what extent did race contribute to the differences between the Mexicans and the Anglo-American colonists?
    What are the attitudes and perceptions concerning citizenship and responsibilities then and now? 
    The primary source of class assignments, homework, and tests are the daily classroom agenda.  Click   <<<<<link for details>>>>>Resource Page for Empersario
    Austin's colonies