• Lanier families will receive their student’s 7th and 8th grade math placement for the upcoming school year via mailed letter or by email starting August 1st. Below you will find online grade level courses that can help your students refresh previously taught skills or prepare for skills that will be taught this year. Mr. Le has also included summer packets for incoming Geometry and Algebra I students. Incoming 6th grade students have an opportunity to work ahead on their grade level skills as well.


    Summer Packet for Incoming Algebra I Students

    Summer Packet for Incoming Geometry Students


    Khan Academy offers math resources that will help students continue working on math concepts during the summer. Khan Academy courses will go live July 11, 2022. The grade-level specific class codes are listed below. Khan Academy enrichment courses will not be considered for math placement decisions.


    Khan Academy Class Code List

    Grade Level

    Class Code



    Algebra I


    Math 8


    Pre-AP Math 7


    Pre-AP Math 6



    *Example: https://www.khanacademy.org/join/enter your class code


    These math packets are optional. Those students who complete the assignments will receive credit in their math classes.