An International Baccalaureate Middle Years World School






    It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to Lanier Middle School, a Vanguard magnet and IBMYP school. It is a place of great enthusiasm, energy, and promise. Each one of you has the potential for great success and can play an integral role in the shaping of our school community. We encourage you to make this school year one of your best years ever by putting forth the effort and make the commitment to being the best learner that you can be.


    The diversity within our student population is wonderful and provides an opportunity to build relationships over time and to enhance your school experiences. We encourage each of you to begin (or to continue) building positive relationships, grounded in respect and civility across our entire school community.


    We look forward to seeing you in the halls, classrooms, and cafeteria working hard and enjoying the middle school experience with your peers and teachers, regardless of grade level. We challenge you to embrace and be part of a school community that practices and believes in respect, tolerance, and creates a community of caring and life-long learning.


    Remember always, achievement with honor.




    At Lanier Middle School, we provide a relevant rigorous academic curriculum in order to encourage students to become self-directed lifelong learners who are innovative problem solvers, effective communicators, open-minded thinkers, and caring participants in their local and global communities.




    Respect for Self and Community

    Continuous Improvement

    Life-long Learning



    ESTABLISHED:  1926

    MASCOT:  The Purple Pup

    NAMED TO HONOR BOB LANIER:  Former Mayor of Houston

    BORN:  1925

    DIED:  2014

    SCHOOL COLORS:  Purple and White with Red Accents