• Lanier Code of Conduct

    Achievement with Honor is our motto because I AM...

    • SAFE

    Because Achievement with Honor is our motto, I WILL...

    • HELP CREATE an environment where teachers can teach and everyone can share in successful learning.
    • COOPERATE with all members of the school community.
    • RESPECT MYSELF , OTHERS, AND THE ENVIRONMENT. By following this code of conduct. I demonstrate that I am capable, connecting and contributing.

    The THREEFOLD GOAL of Lanier's Code of Conduct is:

    1. to set the expectations that students always will be held accountable for the behavior they CHOOSE,
    2. to show students how to MONITOR their behavior, and
    3. to give students practice in EVALUATING the behavior they choose on a moment-to-moment basis.

    HISD Code of Conduct

    Students have been given a copy of the Houston Independent School District publication of your student rights and responsibilities within the greater HISD community.  It is their responsibility to be familiar with the information in this book.  Students and parents are to review this information and sign and return the acknowledgement page.  Points of interest are below.

    HISD students have the right to a well-balanced curriculum and instruction.  They have the right to attend public schools.  They have the right to evaluation of their academic progress.  They have the responsibility to participate in the educational process by attending class, paying attention, completing assignments, and asking questions if they don't understand a subject they are being taught.  They especially have the responsibility to behave appropriately; not interfering with the goals of the educational community.
    School teachers and administrators have the right and responsibility to respond to student acts of misconduct that interfere with the goals of education.  The following information regarding student misconduct is provided in detail in the HISD Student Code of Conduct.

    Violations of the Code of Conduct
    Level IThe offenses generally occur in the classroom and can be corrected by the teacher.

    Level II

    These offenses are more serious than Level I and/or represent the student's inability to control Level I misconduct.  Level II offenses call for administrative intervention.
    Level IIIThese offenses seriously disrupt the educational process in the classroom, the school, and/or at school related activities, or are a continuance of repeated Level I, II, or III misconduct.  Level III misconduct may result in student suspension and optional removal to an alternative education program.
    Level IVLevel IV misconduct involves more serious criminal offenses.  This includes any felony, whether school related or not, unless it is one for which expulsion is required.  This level of misconduct requires placement in an alternative education program.
    Level VLevel V offenses are dealt with by the expulsion of the offending student.   Expulsion is fit punishment for violations, which seriously threaten the safety of the school community.  Expulsion is fit punishment in response to criminal acts of mischief, including, (but not limited to): weapons possession, possession of illegal substance, and assault.