“Achievement with Honor” is our motto because I AM…




    Because “Achievement with Honor” is our motto, I WILL…


    HELP CREATE an environment where teachers can teach and everyone can share in successful learning.


    COOPERATE with all members of the school community.


    RESPECT myself, others, and the environment.


    By following this code of conduct, I demonstrate that I am capable, connecting, and contributing.



    COOPERATIVE DISCIPLINE is a philosophy of social learning that emphasizes the responsibility of all members of the community. Within this system, there are clear limits stated as a “Code of Conduct” based on the vision and values of the entire school community. Cooperative Discipline establishes an environment for social learning that emphasizes COURTESIES AND EXPECTATIONS. You choose your behavior, and you are responsible for the effect of your chosen behavior upon the community. It is the responsibility of your teachers to provide consistent modeling of appropriate community behavior and consistent supervision and correction of student behavior.


     As a student of this community, remember:


    1. I am responsible for learning the expectations of my community.


    2. I choose the ways that I behave.


    3. I understand that my appropriate behavior impacts positively within my community


    4. I understand that my inappropriate behavior impacts negatively within my community.


    5. I know that I am accountable to my community for my chosen behaviors.