Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia product of a Slovene mom and Serbian father which makes me a Slovene/Serbian hybrid. We moved to Houston in 1969 where I learned English and stayed till graduating from St. John's School. In New Orleans I attend Newcomb College/Tulane University and graduated with a B.F.A. in 1984 and a Watson Fellowship (which sent me travelling around the world studying collaboration between sculpture and architecture). In my travels, worked at Riverside Studios in London, visited SITE in NYC, and befriended Isamu Noguchi who allowed me to work in his carving studio in Italy. Upon returning to Houston, my art career took center stage, showing sculpture, pastels, and paintings in Europe and the U.S. Incorporating my art with media as a digital artist/compositor and moving to Los Angeles for the next ten years I worked on feautre films such as "Contact", "Fifth Element", and "Titanic", commercials, music videos and TV projects.  
    In 2004, returned to Houston. In 2006,  received a Masters in Education from St. Thomas University and a Lantz scholarship to aid the process.
    Model United Nations is a passion for me due to a promise I made to myself as a child: I will help children, animals, and world peace when I grow up. I'm working on the first and third one now.
    A proud parent of an Carnegie VHS sophmore, am an avid gardener, and continue to show and make art (theartofmaja.com).