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    Mr. Christopher Piñera

    Language Acquisition Spanish 1  
    Subject: Spanish 
    Conference Periods: R3 & P3
    Email: cpinerav@houstonisd.org
    Phone: 713-723-6015, ext. XX
       Please call during conference period.
    The objective of this course it so expose the student to the Spanish language. Students will develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish through intensive activities inside and outside of the classroom. Students will also be exposed to cultures of Spanish speaking countries. 
    My name is Christopher Piñera and I am from Mexico City, Mexico. I moved to the United States with my family over 20 years ago and have spent them all here in Houston. This is my 3rd year at Lanier Middle School. I graduated from the University of Houston (GO COOGS!) in 2012. My main goal as a Spanish teacher is to incorporate technology into language acquisition and prepare students to become global citizens. 
    Parents and students: Please refer to the HUB for assignments and more information. 
    Tutorials are held Thursdays from 3:35-4:20 in room 121
    Red Day                            
    R1- LA Spanish 7                                           
    R2- LA Spanish 8                                           
    R3- Planning Period                                       
    R4- LA Spanish 7                                          
    Purple Day
    P1- LA Spanish 7
    P2- LA Spanish 8
    P3- Planning Period
    P4- LA Spanish 7 
    Accents on Microsoft word
    Ctrl. + ‘, then a,e,i,o,u= áéíóú áéíóú

    Ctrl. + shift ~, then n= ñ ñ

    Ctrl. + alt + shift and ?= ¿¡  ¡¿