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  • Tryouts will be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday due to the rain forecast for Monday.  

    Spring 2022 Boys Soccer

    Tryout Dates will be 

    • January 25th - 4:15 to 5:45 
    • January 26th - 4:15 to 5:45 (cuts will be made on this day)

    • January 27th - 4:15 to 5:45
    • January 28th - The final roster will be posted online and at Lanier 

    Be sure to bring the following items for tryouts.

    • Cleats

    • Shin guards

    • Soccer attire

    • Water 

    7th and 8th grade boys at Lanier are eligible to tryout for the Lanier MS soccer team if they have completed the requisite paperwork (See Below).

    • All paperwork must be filled out and submitted to the Register My Athlete website in order to participate in tryouts.
    • You must indicate if you will use HISD athletic insurance or your own insurance to cover the student.  If you choose HISD insurnace it will need to be purchased via school pay.  This will be available when school starts.
    • The required paperwork includes a sports physical.  You can choose your own doctor but a local physician is partnering with Lanier to provide physicals.  See info below.

    Dr. Hopkins with Equity Urgent Care was offering free sports physicals for our Lanier community att eh beginning of the school year.  They may still be doing this..  The clinic is located in the new Target shopping center. They are also available for sports injuries and other health care needs.


    Please check their website for availability. www.equityurgentcare.com



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  • Soccer Information Meetings

    7th and 8th graders are eligible to tryout for the team.

    There will be meetings on the following dates to discuss the upcoming soccer season.  the meetings are not mandatory but it would be good for the boys to attend one if possible.

    November 17th - 4:15pm 

    December 1st - 4:15pm

    The meeting on December 1st will be held at the bleachers next to the soccer field.  If the weather is bad we will meet in room 232.

    I will address the following topics at the meetings.

    • Register My Athlete/Paperwork

    • Tryout dates and times

    • Season/Practice Schedule

    Athletes and parents are both welcome to attend, but it isn't mandatory.  The information at both meetings will be the same so it is only necessary to attend one meeting.





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  • The Lanier Boys Soccer Team held off the Burbank Eagles in last Friday's match.  Lucas Wood, Leighton Sillietoe and Jaden Arredondo scored goals in the victory and Rohan Nandi led the defense. It was an all around great performance by the Purple Pups. 

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Lanier 5 - 1 Victory over Burbank

Lanier 3 - 0 Victory over Stevenson

Lanier 3 - 0 Victory over the Grizzlies

2021 Lanier Boys Soccer ~ Game & Practice Schedule (subject to change)

  • 2021 Lanier Purple Pups Boys Soccer Roster

    Jaden Arredondo

    Jackson Weinstein

    Francisco de Carvalho Jordao von Dirke

    Gianni Jacksis

    Luka Jacksis

    Diego Montelongo

    Rohan Nandi

    Oscar Saucedo

    Ian Vuong

    Lucas Wood

    Matthew Wynne

    Alejandro Zak

    Evan Crawford

    Edward Cruz

    Joseph Edmundson

    Camille Llorca

    Vega Monsalve

    Taylor Pouncy

    Sebastian Rodriguez

    Ryan Shaw

    Leighton Sillitoe

    Mac Stratton

  • 2021 Season Information

    • Parents can't sit in the bleachers at the games.  You'll be able to watch home games by sitting in the parking lot or standing on the sidewalk outside the fence.
    • I will check with away game opponents to see if there will be a site from which parents can watch the games.
    • All players will be able to dress out and attend home games, but playing time isn't guaranteed.  I explained this to the boys at tryouts so they should understand.  
      • Playing time is earned each week based on performance.
    • At the coaches meeting a few weeks ago, I was informed that only 16 players would be able to ride the bus to away games. These spots will be earned at each week.
    • Afternoon practices will end by 5:45. Make plans to pick players up by that time.
    • Morning practices will begin at 6:30.


    2020-2021 BOYS SOCCER INFO

     Video: Soccer Meeting 2/25


    All the necessary paperwork must be filled out prior to trying out.  This includes a sports physical to be completed by a physician.  You will also need to provide insurance coverage for your athlete, or purchase HISD athletic insurance. 

    Most athletics forms will be completed online this year through the UIL website Register my Athlete. Click the link below to get started


    Tryout dates will be after Spring Break.  

    We've had to adjust the dates due to football season extending past Spring Break.  The updated tryout dates are below.

    Tryout Dates:

    Monday, April 5th from 4:15 to 6:15

    Tuesday, April 6th from 4:15 to 6:15

    Wednesday, April 7th from 4:15 to 6:15



    Thursday, April 8th will be used as a tryout day if any of the earlier days are rained out.




    Bring the following items:

    • Cleats
    • Shin Guards
    • Practice gear (soccer shorts, shirt, warm-up jacket)
    • Water Jug/water bottle
    • face maskater bottle



    To be determined



    Will be released after Spring Break, but are subject to change.

     Will run from mid to late April to mid May.



    7th and 8th graders are eligible to participate.

    You must be passing your classes in order to participate.

    There is no guaranteed playing time for those students that are on the team.




    Steven Mann

    Technology Applications

    Boys Soccer Coach

    Lanier Middle School