Cross Country Update 2/24/2021


    Welcome to the Lanier Cross Country Team.  Cross country running is a sport that lends itself to accommodating large numbers.  Because of that, we do not have a tryout and welcome every runner willing to put in the time and effort as a member of the team.  Personal improvement is the number one goal in cross country; this allows for runners of all ability levels wishing to have a school team sport experience a spot on the team.  The only requirements are that you come to practices and put forth your best effort. 


    Coach Regev



    Practices:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:30 - 7:45 AM and Tuesday 4 - 5:30 PM


    All required paperwork must be turned in prior to beginning practices.  All parents need to be aware that we do run off campus and all runners will be with a buddy depending on their pace.  The rational for morning practice instead of afternoon practice is the morning is cooler than the afternoon and there is less traffic in the neighborhood.  Finally, morning practices will allow those athletes interested in participating in either volleyball or football and cross country that opportunity.  Showers are available after practice.

    Meet Schedule: The district meet is TBD.

    *Start times will vary for gender and grade level.  Athletes will need to be at the meet no later than 45 minutes prior to their race to allow for warm-up and familiarizing themselves with the race course.  Coaches will keep runners and parents informed of the race schedules for each meet.
    Absences from Practices and Meets:  All athletes are expected to be present for every scheduled practice and meet, unless they are personally ill, have a family emergency, or are representing Lanier in another activity.  
    Grades:  Team members are expected to remain in good academic standing.  Failure in any class for a 6 week period will result in a team member being ineligible for all meets in the next three week period.  An ineligible athlete will continue to practice while regaining eligibility.  If grades don’t improve an ineligible athlete may be dropped from the team. 
    Equipment:  Athletes may wear shorts and t-shirt of their choosing to practice, although we recommend reflective gear as it will be dark when we begin our morning runs.  A good running shoe is a must.  Fleet Feet on Greenbriar usually give a discount to school team runners purchasing running shoes, Academy also carries appropriate running shoes.  For competition, a Lanier uniform will be provided.