You may choose to eat in the cafeteria or dine on one of the two alternative venues-the patio or the courtyard, weather permitting. All other areas are off-limits during lunch. Your assigned lunch period is an opportunity to enjoy being with your friends and enjoy a well-prepared lunch from the cafeteria, sack lunch from home or snack bar. Note: Students may ONLY go to their lockers to get their books and lunch PRIOR to the start of (A lunch) - no locker activity permitted after the passing period following P2/R2. The following guidelines will assist all in making lunchtime a more enjoyable experience.


    1. Arrive on time to lunch. This means you must be in the cafeteria or on one of the patios by the designated lunch time. Students still in the hallways at this time will be considered tardy.

    2. You must present your ID badge to enter any patio. If you do not have your permanent ID badge, you cannot sit

        on either of the patios.

    3. Purchase all food items desired from snack bar or cafeteria line, and then select a place to sit.

    4. Once you have selected a seat, remain in the same seat for the duration of the lunch period. You must be seated no later than 15 minutes after the start of the lunch period. (Get all snacks, food, etc. taken care of in the first 15minutes) Once seated, you may not get up unless you have permission from an administrator.

    6. The cafeteria benches are intended for a maximum of three students per bench - no more than three will be


    7. Upon completion of lunch, trash receptacles will be presented for you to dispose of your trash. DO NOT get up

        multiple times during the lunch period to throw items away. Wait for the 5-Minute Signal to do so. Do not complain

        about cleaning up “unidentified trash” that may appear in your area.

    6. At the 5-Minute Signal (lights switched off/on), clean the eating area (table and floor). A cloth will be provided for each student to wipe his/her space. YOU are responsible for picking up after yourself.

    7. When the bell rings (to end lunch), administrators will dismiss several tables at a time until all tables are

        dismissed. Do not leave until you are given permission to do so.


    Note: Do not get up from your seat until the administrator gives the signal. Remember to walk (DO NOT RUN) to class. BE COURTEOUS. Talk softly while moving from the cafeteria to your classroom - classes are in session - be respectful.



    CONSEQUENCES: Remember that your behavior is your choice. If you CHOOSE to act inappropriately during lunch (outside the above stated guidelines), you will be assigned to an alternate seating area and your parents will be notified. An increase in lunchroom offenses brings on an increase in corresponding consequences.



    PATIO PRIVILEGE: Enjoying the outdoors with your friends at lunch is a group privilege shared by all students assigned to your lunch period. The guidelines and consequences for cafeteria dining are relevant on the patios as well. Classes are occurring in the rooms which surround the patios, so you must keep noise at a low level and stay seated. As a CONSEQUENCE of inappropriate behavior on the patio, the student can lose his/her patio privilege. Eating on the patio is a group responsibility that goes beyond your personal space. Encourage others to dispose of their trash responsibly. Do not complain about cleaning up “unidentified trash” that may appear in your area. If a student forgets his/her lunch, see the administrator on duty.