• Welcome to the Lanier Leadership Home Page

    Lanier Leadership/GSG program is a program that teaches Character Education, Tolerance of all, promotes understanding and caring between all races, religions, clusters, orientations and socio-economic groups. 

    The Leadership Program has been at Lanier since 2000. Its’ goal is to empower students to make decisions and present lessons that promote cooperation and care of the students of Lanier, the school community, the city and state that we live in as well as the whole planet that we live on. The lessons utilize a number of texts, websites, ideas from teachers, administrators, and also the students who attend the leadership class.  The school is divided into 63 Guidance and Support Groups (GSGs) and each one is a microcosm of the school.  Each student is assigned a GSG as they enter the school and stay with that GSG for their whole middle school life. The students learn lessons about time-management, making good decisions, study habits, hate crimes, bullying, and anti-drug lessons, as well as other issues that middle school students face. The following video gives you a feel for what GSG is all about: GSG Video.
    Our students go on to do great things at their high schools, colleges, and communities all over the world.
    Lanier is a No Place for Hate School ®, designated by the Anti-Defamation League.