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    Class Overview:

    Sixth grade Social Studies is an exploration of World Cultures. Looking at the humanties through this global lens means that my subject perfectly aligns with Lanier's dedication to the International Baccalaureate program.   In addition to its introduction to worldwide content, focused on exploring people and their cultures, this class is also a way for students to develope analytical skills focusing on the following:

    Reading and analyzing maps

    Creating maps

    Interpreting, reading, and inference of charts and graphs

    Classifying sources as primary and/or secondary

    Problem solving and decision making

    As a class, the developing learner will explore the following concepts: migration, location, adaptation to the environment, resource use, trade routes, government, economic systems, history and elements of culture. Students are able to classify and analyze information and become aware of how humans interact with their environment and what an impact their environment has on their development.